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The people of HEP

These profiles tell the story of our founders, our students and our graduates. Come make your story part of ours!

People of HEPPCC’s $3 million in federal grants target farmworkers, first-generation students
The High School Equivalency Program was awarded a $2.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education. It is one of two five-year grants that the college received this summer. Read the full story »
Luis MorenoFirst PCC HEP graduate says it's just the beginning
Hillsboro resident and Mexico native Luis Moreno tells everyone that this isn't the end; it's the beginning to a college degree and a new job. Moreno is the first to graduate from the new HEP program, based at PCC Rock Creek. Read Luis's full story »
Dean Narce RodriguezRock Creek leaders and their HEP roots
As the HEP program is established at Rock Creek, Dean Narce Rodriguez and others discuss their roots in the HEP program and their hopes for the future of the program at Rock Creek. Read Dean's full story »