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General Education Requirements

All candidates for the Associate of Applied Science degree must complete 16 credits from courses listed under General Education in the catalog. See the AAS worksheet. (A few programs are exempt from this policy: check with your program advisor.)

It is possible that a course is acceptable as General Education for some students while it is not acceptable for others. Degree candidates who are unsure of how the General Education Policy applies to their individual cases are responsible for seeking help from an advisor or counselor.

The General Education requirements will be waived for students who enroll at PCC with an AA, AAS, AGS, AS, BA, BS degree or higher from an accredited United States institution. Program specific General Education requirement for some degrees will not necessarily be waived. Students should consult their program advisor for specific courses required for General Education.

See the college catalog and the AAS worksheet for courses that can be taken to meet the general education requirement.