Commencement for faculty and staff

Karin Edwards on stage Faculty and student high five Darilis and a student Sylvia Kelley shakes a student's hand

2019 ceremony details

Friday, June 14
7pm (arrive between 5:30pm and 6pm, unless volunteering)
Memorial Coliseum
300 N. Winning Way
Portland, OR 97208
RSVP and regalia:
RSVP to the ceremony by April 12.
If you don’t already have your own, you can also order your rental regalia for the 2019 Commencement ceremony on the RSVP form. We will order your cap, gown, and a hood that is specific to your credential, discipline, and institution at no cost to you. Once the regalia is delivered to PCC, you will be able to pick it up at your campus. At the end of the ceremony, you will leave the rental regalia at the Coliseum for Jostens to pick up.

Take the shuttle to commencement!

On the day of commencement, parking will be free at the PCC Cascade Campus, and Parking and Transportation Services will offer free shuttles from Cascade to the Memorial Coliseum. Faculty and staff are welcome to ride! Shuttles will leave from Cascade beginning at 4pm and will run approximately every 15-20 minutes. The shuttles will continue to run for 1 hour after the ceremony.

Cascade Campus
Memorial Coliseum
Starting at 4pm, shuttle departs and returns every 15 minutes. Last shuttle leaves the coliseum 45 minutes after ceremony.

What can I bring to the ceremony?

Please do not bring valuables. There is no place to store them and unfortunately, things have been stolen in the past. Whatever you bring, you will take into the auditorium with you. There is not a changing area available. No food, drinks, gift baskets, presents, or helium balloons are allowed into the facility.

Due to increased security, the Memorial Coliseum is implementing a new strict bag policy to help insure the safety of our guests. The new policy only allows bags 12" x 12" x 6" or smaller inside the venue. Anything larger will not be allowed inside and guests will be asked to return their bags to their cars.


We are gearing up for a fantastic ceremony and we need your help. Sign up to volunteer for one or more of the positions below. There is no rehearsal ceremony and you will be given additional information in the weeks leading up to the ceremony and again on the big day. If you anticipate volunteering as a student or faculty marshal, please order regalia. All other volunteers do not need to wear regalia..

Volunteer Opportunities
Student Marshal:
Coordinate a row of candidates in the Exhibit Hall, into the bowl, and up to the stage to walk. Provide important information to candidates before the ceremony. Call time at Coliseum is 3:00pm.
Accessibility Marshal:
Facilitate accommodations for students with disabilities. Call time at Coliseum is 3:00pm.
Faculty/Staff Marshal:
Coordinate a row of faculty and staff in their line up room, and into the bowl. Call time at the Coliseum is 6:00pm
Check-in (Name Card) Table:
Check in candidates for graduation and give them their name cards. Call time at the Coliseum is 4:15pm.
Guest Ambassadors/Program Distribution:
Help families and friends get to where they need to go in the Coliseum. Hand out programs to guests as they enter the Coliseum. Call time at the Coliseum is 4:15pm.
Information Table for Students:
Provide general information to candidates in the Exhibit Hall and also provide small supplies such as bobby pins, extra tassels, etc. Call time at the Coliseum is 4:15pm.
Traffic Flow for Students:
Help candidates in the Exhibit Hall get to the places they need to go. Call time at the Coliseum is 4:15pm.
Alumni Fun Stop:
Help the Advancement Department provide candidates with important information about becoming a PCC alum.
Stage Manager:
Direct and cue people on and near the stage. Call time at the Coliseum is 3:00pm.
Room Monitor:
Monitor personal belongings in Faculty and Rostrum Rooms. Call time at the Coliseum is 5:30pm.
Projection/Equipment Monitor:
Monitor projection/equipment area behind the stage to keep free and clear of people before and during the ceremony. Assertive volunteers are needed. (Volunteers in this position will be unable to view the ceremony.) Call time at the Coliseum is 4:15pm.