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PCC Sylvania Habitat Restoration Team

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About the Organization
Opportunities for service with us

We recruit students who would like leadership and environmental field experiences to help lead our other student volunteers during our work parties.

We are also recruiting work party volunteers.

We usually have 3 work parties per quarter where we remove invasive species and plant native species.

The student leaders help plan the work parties and other events!

Work may include grant writing, grant administration, asking for food, tool, and plant donations, photography, writing educational materials or creating educational installations, teaching others how to identify and remove invasive species and how to plant native species, teaching others about the environment and conservation, surveying (bird, plant, etc.), collecting watershed data, mapping, attending professional meetings, networking, and so on.

We are open to student-proposed projects! Participation can be life-long, year-long, quarter-long, or one work-party long!

Preferred way to contact:
April Ann Fong
(971) 722-4422
PCC Sylvania Campus HT 305
Portland, Oregon 97219 Directions
Bus Service
12, 44, 78