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Hire a student

Instructions for PCC staff hiring for on-campus jobs

Want to hire a student for an off-campus position? Community members and employers, visit: Hire A Panther!

Thinking about hiring a student to work in your department? Great idea! You need help and students need experience, so hiring students is a win-win situation.

How to make it happen

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Did you know that PCC employs thousands of student workers every year? Get in on some of that action!

  1. Find funding

    • Work study funds: funds distributed through a student's financial aid package. Work study awards can last up to one academic year at a time. Students usually work less than 12 hours per week. Here's how to get work study funds.
    • Casual funds: funds distributed through your department. Casual students can work year round, but are limited to 599 hours per year. See HR's guidelines for setting up casual employment.
    • Student employment funds: like casual funds, these are distributed through your department. Unlike casual funds, students must be enrolled at least 6 credit hours. See HR's student employment guidelines.
    • Internships: can't offer a paycheck? You may be able to offer an internship. To see if your department is eligible, contact the Jobs & Internships Office on your campus.
  2. panther works student job board

    Post position on job board

    • Required:
      • All student jobs must be posted on the student job board. This makes the hiring process more fair. Relying on printed flyers or word-of-mouth can unintentionally exclude people: think of a student with a mobility impairment who can't "pound the pavement", or a student who takes classes on another campus. They deserve the same access to opportunities.
    • Other ways to advertise (optional):
      • Contact the Jobs & Internships Specialist for the academic program related to your field. This is amazing way to find qualified, enthusiastic students!
      • Post job flyers on ASPCC-sponsored bulletin boards around campus.
      • For casual positions, you can advertise to the public on job boards like Indeed.com or Craigslist.
  3. Review applicants

    Wait until your posting closes, then review applicants. If you have questions about best practices on hiring, contact HR.

  4. Report your hire

    When you've found the right fit, process the paperwork: