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Save Money with the Student Book Exchange

Take advantage of the Student Book Exchange! Sell your used textbooks and calculators on consignment, or buy your next term’s books.

When and where?

The Book Exchange is held the first week of fall, winter and spring terms at:

Rock Creek:
Student Center Service Desk – Building 3, Room 128, 971-722-7379

See each ASPCC Student Government office for Book Exchange dates and hours of operation.

To sell your items:

  • Bring your items to one of the campus Book Exchange locations listed above.
  • Pay a small fee for each item to list for sale.
  • You set the price of the items.
  • ASPCC provides personnel to conduct the sale.
  • You may pick-up your cash or unsold item the Monday following the first week of the term. Check your contract for additional pick-up days.

Each campus ASPCC office operates a separate Book Exchange. Contact the individual ASPCC office for schedules of that campus Book Exchange. Items not claimed will become the property of ASPCC.


Why bring used textbooks to ASPCC Book Exchange to sell instead of the Bookstore?

Success story example:

A student goes to the bookstore (or searches online) and looks for a textbook they need for a class. The textbook is listed new for $100 and used for $75. When the student brings it back during the buyback period, they will receive $50 cash from the bookstore.

If the student brings the textbook to the ASPCC Book Exchange, they may list the book for $60. The student buying the book pays $15 less than they purchased it for at the bookstore. The student selling the book makes $10 more than they would have received from selling it back to the bookstore.

This is not only a great way for students to make money, but a great way for students to purchase used textbooks and calculators at a reduced cost!

The Student Book Exchange is a non-profit service run by the Associated Students of Portland Community College student government (ASPCC) and Students Programs and Involvement Network (SPIN).