Faculty Release


Please note: The process for requesting Faculty Release has changed. See steps below.

In order to ensure faculty releases have been approved by both the Campus President and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, and are properly entered into Banner, the following process has been implemented for requesting, processing, and reporting faculty release time. All Faculty Release requests are to be documented using the two request forms (with a third required for Faculty Department Chair Releases) described below.

Required Forms:

  • The Approval of Faculty Release ensures all administrators who are responsible for the principals and budgets pertaining to the release are informed and approve.
  • The Faculty Release Request form contains some of the same information, but is more detailed regarding the particulars of Banner entry, and will serve as the source document for entering release information into Banner.
  • The Faculty Department Chair Agreement is needed to ensure the amount of release requested and entered into Banner matches that of the FDC agreement. This form also includes information about additional compensation and outlines the responsibilities of Faculty Department Chairs.

To Request Faculty Release:

1. Complete the Approval of Faculty Release Form

  • Open the fillable form in MS Word format: Approval of Faculty Release
  • Fill in all of the blocks except those requiring a signature
  • Print the form to be used as a cover/router sheet for the Faculty Release Request (see below)
  • Proceed to step 2, immediately below

2. Complete the Faculty Release Request Form

  • Open the fillable form in MS Word format: Faculty Release Request
  • Fill out all fields in the Requestor section of the form (the Requestor is the individual who will receive the release)
    • Consult with your department head, if needed, to accurately fill out unfamiliar fields (e.g., Release Category, Approver, etc.)
    • Be sure specific release information matches that shown on the Approval of Faculty Release form
  • Save a copy of the completed form on your computer (use ‘save as’)
  • Email the newly-saved form as an attachment to the individual you designated in the ‘Approver's Name’ field
  • Send or hand-deliver to the Approver (this is generally the Division Dean of the faculty member requesting release) the printed Approval of Faculty Release cover sheet completed in step 1

The Approver (or their designee) will fill out the Approver section, and hold it pending receipt of the additional signature documents (Approval of Faculty Release and, where applicable, the Faculty Department Chair Agreement – see step 3 below) before submitting for final approval (step 4).

3. If applicable, complete the Faculty Department Chair Agreement

  • Download and print the Faculty Department Chair Agreement
  • Fill in all required information
    • Be sure specific release information matches that shown on the other two forms
  • Forward to the individual preparing the submission (generally the Division Dean or their designee)

4. Submit Request for Approval

  • When the information on the Approval of Faculty Release, the Faculty Release Request, and the FDC Agreement form is complete, route all three as a set for these signatures: Dean of Instruction, Campus President, and, last, the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (VPASA) for final approval.
  • When the release has been approved by the VPASA it will be returned to the Campus President, who will ensure the information is entered into Banner.


The District Planning Council began discussing the declining ratio of instruction taught by full-time faculty during the 2006-07 academic year. While available data indicated the percent of full-time faculty teaching had decreased, what remained unaccounted for was the impact of faculty release time. Had this increased in recent years, remained about the same, or declined? Without the ability to track faculty releases, the effectiveness of strategies to improve the full-time to part-time faculty ratio in the future would be difficult, if not impossible, to evaluate.

A Faculty Release ‘Lean’ Process Review was conducted October 4-5, 2008. A group consisting of faculty, division deans, administrators, and academic professionals met to discuss and document the current Release process. It became apparent a formal process did not exist and practices and interpretations varied throughout the College. In addition, although Banner enabled the entry/reporting of release time, it was not common knowledge or regularly used. As a result of this review, it was recommended that a district-wide work process be developed for requesting, processing, and reporting Faculty Release. The process that was developed relied upon a common form on which the rationale, amounts of release, and approvals would be documented.

In 2011, a process for calculating the release for Faculty Department Chairs (FDC) was developed. This resulted in the Faculty Department Chair Agreement, Job Description, and Compensation Agreement document which delineates the release parameters, compensation, and responsibilities of the position.

An analysis of faculty release, conducted in spring 2014, revealed some gaps in recording faculty release. At the same time, it was determined faculty releases of all kinds should be approved by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, and that campus leadership (the Deans of Instruction and Campus Presidents) should be aware of who is released and for what purpose. To that end, an additional form was developed, which is intended to capture the key information and approvals. This form, the Approval of Faculty Release, would serve as a cover sheet to the other form(s). The Faculty Release Request will continue to be used because it outlines the release amounts in a way the Instructional Administrative Assistants are familiar with. The FDC Agreement also will be retained as it addresses the amount of release, additional compensation due, and the responsibilities of the FDC.