Advancement of Educators (AEC) Committee

Chair: Jordan Durbin, 971-722-3915

About the Advancement of Educators Committee (AEC)

The purpose of this committee is to review and make recommendations to policies and practices which affect part-time and full-time educators in order to best serve PCC students.

AEC Mission

Foster transformative institutional change based on evidence and appreciation for the urgent importance of the role of educators and support for teaching and learning.  The committee will act in a collaborative capacity to work with the administration to review and, when appropriate, make recommendations to change policies and procedures (hiring, orientation, professional development, evaluation, training, promotion, shared governance) which perpetuate inequalities or create barriers to access and participation for all educators regardless of job status as part of the PCC community. 1.19.2017

EAC By-Law Language:

EAC Advancement of Educators Committee: The committee’s primary responsibility is to review and make recommendations to policies and practices which affect part-time and full-time educators in order to improve respect, inclusion, and equity for part-time educators and to best serve PCC students.  The committee will be composed of up to twenty members to include at least six part-time faculty.

AEC History:

This committee was a result of the EAC ACCEPT Task Force (Addressing the Culture, Climate and Experience of Part-Timers) recommendations and final report, which was approved by the EAC in December, 2015, and by the Interim College President, Sylvia Kelley, with some adjustments, in May, 2016. By-laws language was unanimously approved by the EAC on October 19, 2016, and by College President Mark Mitsui on November 8, 2016.

Recommended Introductory Readings:
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  • Kezar, A., & Maxey, D. (2015). Adapting by design: Creating faculty roles and defining faculty work to ensure an intentional future for colleges and university. The Delphi Project on the Changing Faculty and Student Success. Retrieved from Adapting by Design
  • Adapting by Design is part of a large project for which Dr. Adrianna Kezar has received much support and funding - she works out of USC, and there is a whole website of resources, etc.Delphi Project Releases New Study on Future of the Faculty