DM - Dietary Manager Outcomes

Less than One-Year Certificate: Dietary Manager

  • Apply processes and educate staff to ensure safe food handling principles from purchasing, preparing, handling and storage to prevent food borne illness in the facility. (Professional Competence)
  • Evaluate, plan and execute menus that meet facility population needs that include patient preferences and ensure nutritional adequacy. (Professional Competence, Cultural Awareness)
  • Screen and assess clients’ nutritional status and adjust menus for clients with special diets and evaluate the effectiveness of menu adjustments. (Professional Competence, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving)
  • Manage a food service facility that delivers appropriate nutrition intervention therapy in a profit generating or financially prudent manner. (Professional Competence)
  • Recruit, train, evaluate and continually educate kitchen staff as to how to create a food service facility menu that meets nutritional adequacy and is safe from food borne pathogens. (Professional Competence)
  • Professionally communicate facility and clients’ needs with staff and other care providers to ensure an effective and efficient kitchen. (Professional Competence Communication) 3.2012