Welding Technology

Student Profiles

Mandi Hill

Mandi Hill

I initially decided to take Welding classes sort of on a whim. A number of years ago I took some classes and never did anything with it, but really fell in love with welding. And in returning to the Welding program at PCC, I have made furniture, bed frames, handcarts, tables, things that would be of use and that are beautiful. Some of the things I liked most about being a student in the Welding Program at PCC were being able to learn and work at my own pace, in a relaxed and supportive setting. Most of the time was spent doing lab work, actually doing it as opposed to learning through lecture. I think in my opinion that's the best way to learn, is just get in there and do it. There are a million things in the world that are welded, if you think about it...art and industry and a lot of different ways to express yourself with fire. It's heat and you're in control of it and it's exciting when you get to the point when you can make things look really nice. I've been working in the field for about two years now at a job which I really like and which the department was instrumental in helping me find. My advice to students, especially high school students, would be that if you think you're at all interested investigate your high school program. I know a lot of high schools offer metal shop classes and it might be interesting to just give it a shot for a semester and see if it's something you like.

Mike Ohanesian

Tamara Williams and Mike Ohanesian

PCC Co-op specialist, Tamara Williams, visits Mike at his Cooperative Education welding job site in the Portland Pearl district.

Nic Burnie & Steve Thornton

Steve Thorton and Nic Burnie at Power Hammer

Nic Burnie (on left) and Steve Thornton currently working at Power Hammer in Tigard. Power Hammer makes large hydraulic hammers for the casting industry.

Ariel Chilton

Ariel Chilton

Ariel Chilton currently working at Pacific Gate Works in Sherwood.

Lauren Cobb

Lauren Cobb

Lauren Cobb currently working at Vigor Marine Works building Barges.

Shane Hoogendam

Shane Hoogendam at Robert Gray Partners

Shane Hoogendam currently working at Robert Gray Partners Construction.

Charles Jones

Charles Jones

Charles Jones, currently working at Columbia Steel Castings in Portland.

Brandon Little

Brandon Little at Robert Gray Partners

Brandon Little is currently working at Robert Gray Partners Construction in Tualatin.

Seth Lowe

Seth Lowe at Columbia Corp.

Seth Lowe, currently working at Columbia Corp. in Hillsboro.