Welding Technology

Community Service

The PCC welding program will on occasion work on community service projects. These projects are submitted to the welding program and the welding department staff makes the decision as to whether or not the project will be accepted.  Acceptance is based on certain criteria such as:

  1. Is the project for a non-profit or public organization? 
  2. Will the tax-payers or the public in general benefit from the project?
  3. Are there currently students in the welding program that will benefit from working on the project?
  4. Is there a source of funding to complete the project?
  5. Will the project impact welding instruction by using valuable shop space needed for classes?


SWAT ( Special Weapons and Tactics ) truck conversion
Front view Front view, right side Inside of truck SWAT Team

for the Marion County Sheriff’s office.

The Marion County Sheriff’s office had purchased a surplus armored car that was going to be used as a transport vehicle for the SWAT team. Due to funding restrictions the weld shop at PCC was asked to help convert the truck for use in the field.

This project consisted of building a replacement front grill and front and back bumpers, frames for benches and hand holds on the outside of the truck. These pictures show the truck as it looked before and after the conversion.