Sign Language Interpretation

Program Overview

Our program is designed to prepare you to begin a career as a sign language interpreter using American Sign Language (ASL). Ours is an intensive full-time six-term program, which admits only 25 students annually. Students are required to pass more than one year of prerequisite courses before entering the program, attend five practicum courses during enrollment, pass a qualifying exam to qualify for an internship, and work closely with a professional interpreter, among other requirements. All of these factors increase your opportunities for employment.

Our program will prepare you to work as an entry-level interpreter in settings ranging from K-12 public schools to colleges, businesses, and social services. With additional training and national certification, you may be eligible to work as an interpreter within a specialized field, such as medicine or law. In addition, successful completion of our program prepares you to take the written exam for the National Interpretation Certification (NIC), administered by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

We also offer internships that make a difference. You can receive many of the skills you need working under the supervision of a professional interpreter, which ensures one thing: You learn how to interpret in a real-world scenario. Internships are usually completed in local public schools and community colleges.