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Sign Language Interpretation


Students can begin the full-time, two-year program only in the fall term. Enrollment is based on an application process. To apply:

Submit your application

Download the SLIP/Deaf Studies application and submit to the SLIP (English and World Languages) office by the deadline on the form. If you need to submit an application after this date, please contact us at 971-722-4672 or sign@pcc.edu.

If you completed prerequisites at other institutions, you will also need to send official transcripts to the SLIP Office.

English and World Languages - SLIP
SY CT219
PO BOX 19000
Portland, OR 97280-0990

Submit recommendation forms

Have a Deaf instructor and a hearing instructor complete a recommendation form. Ask them to submit the forms directly to the SLIP Office. Note: Instructors are the preferred references; however, if this is not possible, employers, colleagues, and other objective professionals may complete the forms.

Screening Interview

Applicants who meet the entrance requirements are contacted to arrange a screening interview in May. The screening interview assess a student's ASL and English language skills and abilities.

Part A: English
  • Written English
  • English grammar
  • English vocabulary
  • Dual processing in English
Part B: ASL
  • Dual processing in ASL
  • ASL grammar - expressive
  • ASL skills - expressive
  • ASL skills - comprehension


Those who are admitted are notified and attend the mandatory program orientation, which is typically held on Friday during Spring Term finals week. The orientation includes an overview of what to expect in the program and a chance to meet your instructors. After attending the orientation, you must successfully pass a criminal background check from an agency designated by PCC.

The program begins in Fall Term