Program Mission, Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Program Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Radiography Program to deliver quality education that provides the means for each student to gain and apply the knowledge and skill necessary to be successful in the field of radiography and to become a productive individual in society.

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Program Goal: To graduate clinically competent students
    • Competently perform routine radiographic procedures
    • Provide proper patient care & management
    • Demonstrate safe radiation protection practices
  2. Program Goal: The student/graduate will develop effective communication skills
    • Demonstrate effective oral communication skills
    • Demonstrate effective written communication skills
  3. Program Goal: Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Demonstrate competence in non-routine examinations
    • Demonstrate critical thinking as it relates to image analysis and critique
  4. Program Goal: Students will model professional behaviors
    • Participate in professional organizations/meetings
    • Demonstrate professionalism in the clinical setting/area