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For more frequently asked radiography questions and general PCC questions, ask the Panther. Information Sessions are also available, check the schedule.

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Which campus is this program located at?

The Radiography Program is located at the Sylvania Campus.

How do I print out my unofficial PCC transcript from the Internet?

You may print your own unofficial transcript from the Internet. Log in to MyPCC, go to the My Courses tab, and click on Unofficial Transcript.

What are my chances of getting in?

The Radiography Program typically receives 100 – 125 applications for up to 34 spaces. Selection for clinical interviews is based primarily on grades in prerequisite courses, overall GPA, and healthcare experience. Selection for admission into the program is based on clinical interview scores. It is difficult to predict year to year the chances of being selected. Applicants who were offered placement into the 2017-2019 program had an average overall GPA of 3.72. They also had an average science GPA of 3.8 (science GPA being comprised of BI 231-233 and MTH 111).

Do prerequisites have to be completed before applying?

Yes. All prerequisites must be completed by the end of winter term in the year that you are applying.

Can applications be hand-delivered?


Do I need to include official or unofficial transcripts with my application?

Transcripts must be official (in a sealed envelope from the college).

Do I need to submit official transcripts for each school I have attended?

Yes. Applicants are required to submit official, sealed transcripts from ALL colleges or universities previously attended (other than PCC) with their program application to the Health Admissions Office, even if previously submitted to PCC.

If I have taken classes at PCC, do I need to request official transcripts from PCC?


Can I send official transcripts with my application or does the college I attended have to send them?

We require that first time applicants submit all official transcripts with your program application. PCC keeps all application materials on file for one year. If you applied the previous year, you do not need to submit new transcripts. Re-applicants who have new/updated coursework for consideration (from institutions other than PCC) need to submit new, official transcripts with their application. Remember, official transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the institution, do not open the envelope.

Can I use my placement test scores to substitute for taking a course?

No. Placement test scores are only used to determine which course you should take. We will not use placement test scores in place of the required course, even if the placement is higher than the course we require.

What can I substitute for Math 111?

Calculus and Trigonometry are acceptable substitutions for Math 111. We will not consider a statistics course as a substitute for Math 111.

What are the hours of the program?

Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm

Do I get paid for my hospital experience in the program?


Besides prerequisites, what other courses should I take?

In the course of study there are General Education electives required for graduation. These courses can be completed prior to beginning the program. Students need to read degree requirements for associate of applied science degree in the Comprehensive Degree Requirements section of the catalog.

Students also may find Chemistry to be helpful prior to entering the Radiography program. Students should always work with an advisor when planning prerequisites.

How do I get health care experience?

Begin by calling around to the Volunteer Services departments in local hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, adult foster care facilities, or other similar types of organizations. We also recommend trying a short certification such as CNA or Phlebotomy and earning a part-time job.

Once I complete the program will I be licensed or certified?

Once you complete the program you will be eligible to take the national certification examination. If you pass that, then you'll be certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Licensure is done on a state-by-state basis and may not be required to practice radiography in all states.

How many PCC graduates pass the ARRT certification exam on their first attempt?

You can learn more about ARRT Certification exam pass rates, program completion rate data as well as a 5-year average job placement information.

What if I have a criminal record? Can I still be accepted to the PCC program?

Specific offenses will keep students from being licensed as a radiologic technologist. For more information regarding misdemeanors and felony offenses that may impact your ability to apply to work in this field, please contact the ARRT to discuss the preapproval process.

What type of degree will I have when I'm finished with the program?

Associate of Applied Science Degree

What is a limited X-ray permit?

This is a short training program to enable one to take X-rays of extremities. A list of limited permit programs can be obtained by visiting the Oregon Board of Radiologic Technology website.

How do I get into MRI, CT, or Mammography?

Once you become ARRT certified, you are qualified to pursue continuing education in these areas, both in the classroom or on the job. PCC offers continuing education courses in these areas during evening and weekend hours for working radiographers.

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