What skills will I use on the job?

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The radiographer’s primary responsibilities include positioning the patient to image anatomy in the correct perspective, operating highly technical imaging equipment and selecting proper exposure factor, and limiting the amount of radiation exposure to patient and personnel. However, radiographers must also be able to touch, lift and support patients while in the radiology department. Radiographers also provide emotional support to the patient and must be empathetic and compassionate. Strong written and verbal communication and teamwork skills are also needed.

Who will hire me?

Radiographers are in demand nationwide. They are most often employed in hospitals, emergency clinics, medical clinics or physicians’ offices. You will find additional opportunities in government health agencies, radiological manufacturer sales and service and medical research.

How much can I earn?

Starting annual salaries in the Portland area range from approximately $36,000 to $44,000; experienced technologists may earn $50,000 or more. With additional education, a radiographer may advance by specializing in related disciplines, such as radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and diagnostic medical sonography.