Peace and Conflict Studies


Focus Award

See the Catalog for the requirements of the three PACS Focus Awards. Upon completion of the program requirements, contact Jamee Kristen.

Course of Study

PACS courses may be taken on any PCC campus with credit being given for some courses completed elsewhere. Students considering an Associate of Science degree should take care to satisfy all requirements relating to their degree. PCC courses for which PACS credit is granted are transferable to most colleges and universities in the United States. Students who plan to transfer to a state college or university in Oregon are encouraged to complete sequences to satisfy General Education requirements. Prior to enrolling, students should consult the receiving college or university and a program advisor concerning the transferability of credits.

The course links below will take you directly to the term schedule (either the current term if registration is still active or the upcoming term). If the course is not offered that term, the schedule will say there are no results.

Peace and Conflict Studies Focus Award courses
Course Title Credits
Integrative Courses
PS 211 Peace and Conflict 4
PS 280B CE: Community Service and Action Seminar 2
PS 280C CE: Peace and Conflict variable credit
Category I: Personal to Societal Peace and Conflict
ATH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 4
EC 216 Labor Markets: Economics of Gender and Work 3
ENG 261 Literature of Science Fiction 4
HST 203 History of the United States-III 4
PHL 202 Introduction to Philosophy: Elementary Ethics 4
PS 201 U.S. Government: Foundation and Principles 4
PSY 216 Social Psychology 4
SOC 204 General Sociology: Sociology in Everyday Life 4
SOC 205 General Sociology: Social Change & Social Institutions 4
SOC 206 General Sociology: Social Problems 4
Category II: Race and Gender, and Peace and Conflict
ENG 212 Biography and Autobiography 4
ENG 222 Images of Women in Literature 4
ENG 240 Introduction to Native American Literatures 4
ENG 258 African American Literature 4
ENG 260 Introduction to Women Writers 4
HST 206 History of Women in the United States: 1920 to Present 4
HST 218 Native American Indian History 4
HST 225 History of Women, Sex, and the Family 4
HST 276 African American History-III 4
SOC 218 Sociology of Gender 4
Category III: Environmental and Ecological, Peace and Conflict
ATH 214 Human Environments: Ecological Aspects 4
ATH 215 Human Environments: Energy Consideration 3
BI 141 Habitats: Life of the Forest 4
BI 142 Habitats: Marine Biology 4
BI 143 Habitats: Fresh Water Biology 4
GEO 105 Introduction to Human Geography 4
GEO 106 Geography of the Developed World 4
GEO 209 Physical Geography: Weather and Climate 4
ESR 171 Environmental Science: Biological Perspectives 4
ESR 172 Environmental Science: Chemical Perspectives 4
ESR 173 Environmental Science: Geological Perspectives 4
Category IV: Global Peace and Conflict
EC 230 Contemporary World Economic Issues: International Economics 3
ENG 265 International Political Poetry 4
GEO 107 Geography of the Developed World 4
HST 103 Western Civilization: Modern Europe 4
PS 205 Global Politics: Conflict and Cooperation 4
PS 220 U.S. Foreign Policy 4
PS 225 Political Ideology: Alternative Idea Systems 4
Category V: Communication: Peace and Conflict
ENG 197 Women of the World 4
MUS 207 Introduction to the History of Folk Music 3
PHL 191 Critical Thinking: Language and the Layout of Argument 4
PHL 197 Critical Thinking: TV and the Presentation of Reality 4
SP 100 Introduction to Speech Communication 4
SP 105 Listening 4
SP 140 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 4

Note: Other courses, or even sections of courses, may also be available for PACS Focus award credit. Consult a PACS Program advisor for the most up-to-date information.