Cascade TH 109 | Faculty Department Chair: Jerry Brask, 971-722-5212 | Program Specialist: Diana Blake, 971-722-5770

Paralegal Program Goals

PCC Paralegal Program Mission:

The Paralegal Program, approved by the American Bar Association, supports student success by delivering quality Paralegal education focused on practical skills in a challenging, inclusive and supportive environment.

PCC Paralegal Program Outcomes:

  1. Apply analytic, critical thinking and research skills to fact situations within a legal context
  2. Demonstrate professional skills necessary to a paralegal career, including oral and written communication and technology skills
  3. Adhere to professional and ethical standards appropriate to the legal profession
  4. Effective personal, interpersonal, time and project management skills required in the legal profession

Paralegals may not practice law and may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.