Certificate Guidelines

If you are applying to PCC to pursue a Certificate in the Paralegal Program please follow these Enrollment Steps and the guidelines below.

PCC Paralegal Department Guidelines on Certificates and Exemptions

In order to ensure that students have adequate education and training for the paralegal profession, to enhance employability and to maintain compliance with the standards of the American Bar Association, the following guidelines are adopted.

  1. If a student indicates they would like to enroll in the PL Certificate Program, the student will be required to meet with the Department Chair. Enrollment in the Certificate Program will be permitted if:
    1. The student has a prior 2-4 year degree and satisfies the 27 general education credits and overall credits requirements of the program; or
    2. The student has other college credits without a degree which satisfy the 27 general education credits and overall credits requirements of the program; or
    3. Is granted an exemption by the Department Chair from the 27 general education credits and overall credit requirements of the program based upon the following criteria:
      • Relevant and transferable work experience. Work experience will be evaluated based upon the demonstration of transferable skills which relate to the paralegal profession, including writing, investigation, communication, analytic, professionalism skills.
      • Life experience skills which reflect judgment, experience and practical skills.
      • Work experience in the legal field.
      • Other experience reflecting positively on the student’s ability to succeed in the paralegal field without general education and total credits from an AAS degree.
  2. Students seeking a Certificate may be required to provide official transcripts of college coursework and supporting documentation regarding any exemption request. Failure of the student to provide relevant documentation is grounds to deny the Certificate and exemption request.
  3. If a student is not approved for enrollment into the Certificate Program by the Department Chair, and if the student does not obtain sufficient general education credits to obtain an AAS degree, the Department may deny the issuance of a Paralegal Certificate.
  4. The number of Certificates issued pursuant to a waiver of the general education requirements as described above is limited annually to 10% of the incoming students, and will be granted on a "first come, first served" basis.

Paralegals may not practice law and may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.