Occupational Skills Training

Students seeking a new career

The First Step Toward Job Fulfillment

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Are you out of work due to injury, disability, job displacement or other circumstances? Occupational Skills Training is designed for individuals like you. Our goal is to help you become employed in a new career.

You are about to take part in an individualized program that will help you set realistic goals, learn marketable job skills and build a positive future.

Through our program you'll receive:
  • A program custom-designed around your interests, skills and abilities.
  • A full-time, hands-on training experience at an employment site, lasting from 1 term (3 months) to 8 terms (2 years). (Part-time programs can also be arranged.)
  • Marketable skills you can use to get a job that pays a good wage.
  • A certificate of completion and as many as 24 college credits toward a PCC Associate of General Studies degree.

Find a Solid Career

The vocational consultant who referred you to Occupational Skills Training will help you choose a training opportunity from a broad range of job categories. Your consultant and your Occupational Skills Training coordinator will help you identify training sites and will encourage you to interview people at the sites that have caught your interest.

Each year, about 70 percent of the individuals who complete our program find jobs in the field in which they trained. Thousands of individuals have completed the program since it began in 1981.

Get the Most from Your Training

The Occupational Skills Training program has high expectations of its students. By meeting these expectations, you'll get the most out of your training:

  • You are responsible for actively participating in all aspects of the training program.
  • To maintain participation in the program, you need to comply with the rules and responsibilities identified by the funding agency, the consultant, the training plan and the training site.
  • Monthly records of your attendance and progress will be kept by your trainer and reviewed by your Occupational Skills Training coordinator.
  • You will be asked to send in a monthly or weekly report of your activities.
  • If you have problems or concerns which affect your training program, you should contact your consultant and the Occupational Skills Training office.

Earn Academic Credit

You will receive up to 16 credit hours for each term you complete. A total of 24 Occupational Skills credits can be applied to a PCC Associate of General Studies degree.

We're looking forward to working with you to help you set goals, learn skills and build a brighter future!

OST courses do not qualify for financial aid.