Occupational Skills Training

Employers seeking qualified trainees

Can you offer a training site?

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Thank you for your interest! Your training would help create skilled, employable workers in your industry and allow participating students to reach their potential.

Occupational Skills Training has used hundreds of workplaces throughout Oregon and Washington as training sites for its students. As one of our training sites, you would have important responsibilities to help ensure the trainee's success. Some of these include:

  • Help develop a curriculum for the student (with help from the vocational consultant and Occupational Skills Training).
  • Provide a course of study that follows the performance objectives set by Occupational Skills Training.
  • Provide instruction, feedback and supervision to the worker from a qualified staff member or trainer.
  • Complete monthly time sheets and trainers' report, determining if the student's performance is considered "pass" or "no pass".
  • Meet with the Occupational Skills Training coordinator quarterly to monitor student progress and review training objectives. We encourage trainer feedback at any time.

The student you train should not replace any of your regular employees, but should work under their close supervision. Workers' compensation coverage is provided for the students, and you do not need to pay any wages during the training period. While no student is guaranteed a job at the end of the training period, many of our training sites have enthusiastically hired our graduates when the program was finished.

PCC's Occupational Skills Training program has helped thousands of persons set realistic goals, learn new skills and build a solid future. For more information about how you can help, contact us today at: 971-722-6127.