Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to declare my degree to be a Multimedia Student?
No, you do not need to declare a degree to be a multimedia student. By declaring your degree status, it will enable advisors to help you meet your goals as well as set your scheduling priority during registration.
All of the intro series classes are on Friday and Saturday, what's up with that?
We offer the intro series of Multimedia on Fridays and Saturdays. Students can take all the classes consecutively. Notice the dates. One class will finish and the next class will begins.
Will these classes transfer to another school?
It is up to the receiving school on what classes they are willing to accept as transfer or as prerequisites for their programs. Students are encouraged to work with their advisor to explore their options.
Can I get a job in Multimedia?
The creative industry in Portland is very exciting. Your experience, portfolio, transcripts, and references will determine your success. We advise all students to work closely with the Campus Career Specialist to prepare a resume and get help finding the right job.
I've taken lots of college classes, how do I know what credits count?
Work with an academic advisor to assist you in evaluating your credits.
Is there a time limit to complete the certificate?
No, students can take classes as they need them or as time allows. Please pay attention to whether prerequisites requirements are met. If not, please contact the department or the instructor.
Are there any Multimedia classes offered at other campuses?
Currently all Multimedia class are at the Cascade Campus.