Microelectronics Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a job with this degree?

Most graduates from the MT program go to work for Intel, the largest private employer in Oregon.  Historically 80-90% of our AAS students get a job before they complete their coursework.  SolarWorld has also hired many MT students; they are staffing the largest manufacturing site of photovoltaic cells in the United States.  But there are many other companies in the region that can and have hired our graduates: Cascade Microtech,  Maxim, Siltronic, FEI, Applied Materials, Novellus, Microchip, On Semiconductor,  and the list goes on.

What should I do in order to enroll in the program?
  1. First you have to be admitted to PCC, which you can do online at the Admissions webpage, and declare in the process your MT MAJOR.
  2. Then take a placement test (free of charge) at any testing center/campus of PCC.  You will need to place in MTH 95 and WR 115 to start many of the MT courses. (If you place below this, you can start some of the MT classes while you take the necessary preliminary math and writing classes.)  
  3. Submit an MT application to the department ekirchne@pcc.edu and register for the first term classes indicated in the College Catalog as soon as possible.
When does the next session start?
Classes start each PCC term: late September, early January, early April and late June.  Most or all classes for the CoC’s are offered each term.  The AAS sequences can be started in fall or winter, but other classes can be taken any term.
Do I have to take the placement test if I have taken the required Math and Writing courses or equivalent already?
No, you don’t have to; if you took equivalent courses at another college you will have to submit official transcripts to Student Records indicating that you have those classes.
When will SolarWorld/Intel/Cascade Microtech/FEI/etc hire me?
PCC is independent of these companies.  We work closely with them to develop and offer relevant education, but we cannot guarantee you will be hired. Students can apply to these companies while in the program or after completion.  We do have an employment specialist who will work with you to give you the best chances of being hired.  If successful at the interview, the students will start working for the company as manufacturing operators or technicians (AAS students may be hired as equipment or maintenance technicians). The companies may be willing to hire qualified students even without having their degree complete.
What are the costs of the entire program?

See current costs at the PCC the tuition webpage. With fees the CoC costs about $1500 and books about $300-$400.  The AAS comes to about $8900 and books about $1300-$2000.

Can I get financial aid?
You should contact the Financial Aid office regarding this question.  There is assistance available through PCC, the government and the unemployment office.  The MT department does have available some scholarships, and occasionally some of the companies we work with offer internships.  These opportunities will be made available to you once you are enrolled in the program and taking courses.
How much will I make in case I’ll be hired?

 As operators, the hourly pay range would start between $10 and $12 or higher depending on your previous work experience. Full time employees get full benefits and there are  opportunities for advancement after you start working.  Technicians with the AAS degree can start anywhere between $15 and $25 per hour, and wages can increase significantly as technical experience is gained.

Who will be my academic advisor?
Eric Kirchner, you may contact him at ekirchne@pcc.edu, 971-722-7621.
Where is Rock Creek campus located
17705 NW Springville Rd., Portland, OR 97229, or go to the Rock Creek Campus information page.
More info?
Please go to the Microelectronics Technology website.