Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

Who Are MLTs?

MLT’s are the health care professionals who perform the test procedures in the hospital clinical laboratory. MLTs also work in small doctor’s office labs, in large private labs, in veterinary clinics, and in research labs. Some MLT’s are trained to work on complex laboratory instruments or in development of laboratory information systems.

As an MLT you will know how to use sophisticated instruments to perform critical tests to aid in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases. You will know how to identify normal and abnormal blood cells to assist with diagnosis of anemias and leukemias; be able to perform chemistry tests to measure blood glucose, heart enzymes and drug levels; quickly run procedures to ensure that trauma patients receive safe units of blood; and, identify bacteria, fungi and parasites which cause infections. There are hundreds of other tests that you will be qualified to perform.


As a member of the health care team, your work is extremely valuable to a wide spectrum of individuals in your community, from the healthy person monitoring cholesterol levels to the critically injured patient taken to the hospital by helicopter. As an MLT and member of the health care team, you will make a difference in many people’s lives.