Medical Assisting


Medical assistants will work in physician’s offices and clinics to support the flow of patient in-take, provide assistance to patients before, during, and after their visits.

What will I do on the job?

You will be an essential part of the medical team. Clinical duties may include taking vital signs, assisting with examinations and treatments, taking medical histories, performing certain diagnostic tests, maintaining instruments and equipment, preparing, administering and documenting medications and collecting and processing specimens. Administrative duties may include scheduling and receiving patients, obtaining patient data, maintaining medical records, handling telephone calls, correspondence and reports, purchasing and maintaining supplies and equipment, assuring that the office is maintained, processing data for insurance, accounts receivable and payable, and collections.

What skills will I use on the job?

PCC’s program is designed to develop your abilities in areas such as legal concepts, communication, professionalism, administrative skills, clinical skills, management of emergency situations, patient instruction, and management of facilities and personnel.

How much can I earn?

The average hourly wage in the Portland metro area is $18.37 per hour with a range from $13 – $24 per hour. In 2017 the average wage for a Certified Medical Assistant in Oregon was $17.75 per hour.

Who will hire me?

Medical assistants are hired by clinics and offices of all sizes. Graduates of the PCC Medical Assisting program work for such facilities as Oregon Health Sciences University, Legacy, Providence Medical Groups, Kaiser Permanente, urgent care facilities, private physicians’ offices and outpatient facilities.

For more information

Contact Tanya Maldonado, the Allied Health Student Employment Specialist. You can also check out her website and the Cascade Campus Career Center's website.