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Management and Supervisory Development

Course Descriptions

MSD is a preparatory and professional development program for potential or new supervisors and managers.

Note: Some courses not offered every term. Please check the course schedule each term for dates and locations.

MSD 101 Principles of Management / Supervision

4 Saturdays for 3 credits, or Online Learning

Are you a new supervisor or on a path to management? Learn the fundamentals and practice skills!

Description: Examines concepts and practical application of fundamental supervisory skills such as planning, staffing, communicating, leading, using technology, training, managing conflict, and problem solving, in addition to "quality improvement," safety, ethics, and effective performance reviews.

MSD 105 Workplace Communication Skills

4 Saturdays for 3 credits, or Online Learning

Required for Customer Service Representative Certificate

Learn skills to communicate effectively & confidently in the workplace, and at home.

Description: Examines how principles of interpersonal communication operate in a supervisory context within organizations. Includes communication processes, barriers and misconceptions, impact of cultural values and norms, influences of perception and judgment, nonverbal communication, listening effectively, identifying and controlling emotions, developing an effective communications climate, and effectively managing conflict.

MSD 107 Organizations & People

3 credits via Online Learning or On Campus – 11 weeks (starting Spring 2014)

Required for Customer Service Representative Certificate

Unravel the puzzle of how people behave in an organization!

Description: Examines what people think, feel, and do in organizations. Includes motivation theory and practice and how an individual employee’s personality and learning style affects productivity; how team dynamics affect and are affected by the individual employee; how the organization’s structure and climate affects individual and team productivity and organizational change and development.

MSD 115 Improving Work Relations

3 credits via Online Learning

What does it take to create a great work environment? Learn skills to improve work relationships!

Description: Examines management techniques, methods and strategies for helping managers, aspiring managers and staff professionals develop their own unique managerial style. Includes improving individual effectiveness, developing interpersonal relationships, functions of working groups, multi-cultural relations, productivity and quality at the organizational level.

MSD 117 Customer Relations

3 credits via Online Learning or On Campus – 11 weeks

Required for Customer Service Representative Certificate

Ever had an unsatisfactory customer service encounter? Learn skills to supervise outstanding customer relations to ensure your customers have a positive experience!

Description: Examines the importance of organizational customer relations. Explores developing productive strategies for effective customer service. Includes analyzing customer needs, developing customer service policies, measuring customer satisfaction, listening skills, handling problems and concerns, building a team, and growing a business.

MSD 121 Leadership Skills

3 credits via Online Learning

Do you know the 5 practices of exemplary leadership? Learn skills to make leadership happen anywhere!

Description: Examines new leadership theories and paradigm shifts and strategies for leading others and managing yourself. Topics include strategies for developing organizational visions, communicating with clear meaning, developing trust through positioning, creating the learning organization, and sharing leadership through empowerment.

MSD 130 Creative Problem Solving

3 credits via Online Learning

Break through your barriers and unproductive patterns of thinking! Solve problems with a fresh perspective.

Description: Examines creative problem solving and thinking, steps in the creative problem-solving process, right and left brain thinking, ambiguity and imagination, overcoming barriers to creative thinking, synthesis, and applying creative problem-solving to the organization.

MSD 200 Organizations & Social Responsibility

3 credits via Online Learning

Can you run a successful business without awareness of your community and environment? Learn ways to help your organization take responsibility in a sustainable way!

Description: Explores the changing relationships and responsibilities between organizations and their various stakeholders. Includes social and ethical issues of the community in which the company exists, employee rights and diversity, global corporate citizenship, role of government oversight of business, environmental issues, and consumer protection.

MSD 202 Training the Employee

3 credits via Online Learning

Ever been "thrown" into a job and expected to perform with no training? Supervisors can stop this practice! Learn and practice training methods for ensuring a well-trained workforce.

Description: Examines practical perspectives on training as an organizational resource. Explores ways people learn, identifying employee training development requirements, developing objectives, designing lesson plans, evaluation criteria, developing strategy, alternatives to training, and practicum.

MSD 203 Emotional Intelligence in Work

Do you wish you could "read" the people you work with? Do you want increased job satisfaction? Learn how to use your "EQ" in addition to your "IQ" to manage emotions and build successful workplace relationships.

Examines models, concepts and core competencies of emotional intelligence. Explores various skills to enhance emotional well-being and to build productive professional relationships in a diverse organizational climate. Includes developing strategies for managing others with various emotional competency levels.

MSD 206 The Troubled Employee

3 credits via Online Learning

If you haven’t had to deal with a troubled employee, or been one yourself, find out how important it is for supervisors to understand and be able to address the issues!

Description: Examines the factors contributing to the development of the troubled employee. Identifies potential troubled employee work habits and attitudes (e.g. absenteeism, tardiness, sudden personality change), Employee Assistance Programs and possible community assistance agencies.

MSD 222 Human Resources Mgt: Personnel

3 credits via Online Learning

Wondering how a new supervisor can get up to speed on Human Resources? Learn the basics!

Description: Examines the basic responsibilities and concepts for managing the Human Resources function in an organization, such as: Integrating HR into the overall organization's objectives, basic HR laws, job analysis and planning, and recruitment and selection practices.

MSD 223 Human Resource Mgt: Performance & Compensation

Know HR basics but want to go more in depth? Learn skills to supervise performance and productivity!

Description: Examines performance appraisal management, indirect compensation programs, improving productivity and quality of work life, employee rights, and collective bargaining.

MSD 224 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

From your favorite shopping app, to getting the product at your home – the whole process involves supply chain management! Explore the knowledge of this fast-growing field that makes Amazon, Nike and so many more companies successful!

Examines fundamentals of supply chain management and its role in the overall business operations strategy. Explores the business processes and activities of the supply chain, including sourcing, procurement, inventory management and logistics engineering. Audit available.

MSD 225 Global Logistics & Distribution

Examines practices for designing a logistical process, including coordinating the flow of goods, services, and information among worldwide members of a supply chain. Includes a comprehensive overview of transportation regulations, risk management, cost analysis, preparation of proper transportation and customs documentation, and distribution management. Audit available.

MSD 226 Inventory &am; Material Management

Introduces concepts of inventory and material management to perform inventory calculations. Examines inventory and operational issues to minimize risks in order to maintain or increase competitive advantage in the marketplace. Covers topics of process management, forecasting, inventory management, storage, and lean inventory concepts. Audit available.

MSD 227 Global Sourcing & Product Development

Do you know how Nike select their suppliers? Do you know what fair trade partner is? This course will help you understand the process of bringing a design to a real product by selecting the right supplier to help you achieve your goal.

Examines global sourcing strategies in supply chain management with a global context. Includes contract administration, cost analysis, product development and supplier selections. Explores strategic sourcing concepts and principles in product/commodity sourcing as pursued by leading edge firms. Audit available.

MSD 228 Production Planning

Examines implementation and management of production planning systems, including master production scheduling, material requirements planning, capacity and inventory planning and production activity control. Explores contemporary approaches such as: Just-In-Time, Kanban System, vendor management inventory, and the relationship of enterprise-level planning and control systems to the overall materials flow. Audit available.

MSD 279 Project Management – Intro

4 credits via Online Learning or 11 weeks On Campus – Spring term 2014.

Thinking of becoming a Project Manager? Or already managing projects? Learn the basics and try them out on a project of your choice!

Description: Examines essential strategies and methods for managing projects. Applies concepts to creating model projects using a step-by-step methodology, building project charters, and developing overall project plans. Explores incorporating projects into strategic growth objectives, using project management tools, and demonstrating project presentation skills. This course is the foundation course of the Project Management series that includes CAS 220, CIS 245, and BA 255. Project Management is a broad term that can include many areas of a business.

MSD 279A Workplace Quality Improvement

Are you doing things because "it's how we've always done it around here?" or would you like to engage in continuous improvement for best results?! Learn ways your tasks and processes can be reassessed periodically to embrace efficiencies due to technology or other opportunities.

Examines practical, hands-on tools employees use to improve their work effectiveness and workplace efficiency. Explores Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) philosophy and tools including the Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle (PDCA), Eight-Step Problem Solving Process, process flow analysis and other related methods.

MSD 180A Cooperative Education: MSD

3 credits on site at a workplace

Earn credit for working on a project in your own workplace or as an intern elsewhere!

Description: Designed to permit a student, in concert with an organization, to combine new on-the-job supervisory work experience with concepts and skills learned in supervisory classes and in the process become a greater asset to the organization. Department permission required. To be taken concurrently with MSD 180B.

MSD 280B Cooperative Education: MSD – Seminar

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus

Learn skills to develop and present your project plan!

Description: Designed as a one credit hour seminar in which the student will learn how to prepare and deliver a work-related plan. Skills learned will be directly related to these activities. Includes a visit by the instructor to the work site and a discussion of the project with the student's supervisor as well as the student. Department permission required. To be taken concurrently with MSD 180A.

MSD 1-Credit Classes

Offered in three forms: online, 2 – 5 hour sessions, or 1 – 10 hour session.

MSD 110 Gender Conflict Resolution

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions or 1 – 10 hour session

Learn skills to resolve conflicts and understand gender interactions in the workplace!

Description: Examines gender and multi-cultural communication. The material includes identifying and evaluating sources of conflict and developing strategies and skills to positively manage and resolve conflict

MSD 113 Influence without Authority

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn to use your influence with managers, peers, and clients!

Description: Distinguish between the terms power, influence and authority. Examines effective listening, lateral relationships in the workplace, influencing peers, influencing one's supervisor, mutual exchange, rules of reciprocation, knowing yourself and your allies, and building relationships.

MSD 116 Creative Thinking for Innovating Change

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn to jump start your creative thinking and be innovative at work!

Description: Examines strategies and tools in creative thinking to effectively manage change in a diverse workplace environment. Explores the impact creativity, change-leadership and innovation has on approaching unpredictable work issues and building a positive organizational climate. Included are techniques to jump-start creative thinking and innovative actions enhancing work improvement in various settings.

MSD 122 Motivation without Manipulation

1 credit On Campus in 1 – 10 hour session

Learn skills for helping others find inspiration, and remove the motivators!

Description: Discusses setting a climate for intrinsic motivation. Includes examination of motivational theories, recognizing needs in the workplace, delegation, obstacles to motivation, effective recognition systems, and understanding emotional intelligence.

MSD 122A Strength Based Leadership

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Wondering what might make you a good leader? Identify your top strengths and explore how to use them!

Description: Examines personal strengths and explores how a strengths focus may be applied to leadership roles both personally and professionally. Enhances understanding of personal strengths and how these ideas can be used in leadership to develop and make the most of the strengths of others.

MSD 123 Job Search Strategies

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Dreading that next job application and interview? Learn skills to master the process and have fun while planning your next steps!

Description: Explores strategies for finding the "right" job. Includes self-discovery, goal-setting, prospecting, networking, resume-writing, interviewing, career-planning, and self-marketing skills.

MSD 123A Innovation and New Products

1 credit via Online Learning

Want to stand out by generating new ideas that can be successfully introduced in the market? Learn skills that help you promote innovation!

Description: Examines the impact of change, innovation, and technology on an organization's ability to thrive and be competitive. Explores innovation, which involves the actions and activities of people directed at changing their organizations and their business environments. Introduces how to create a comprehensive business proposal for innovation, which addresses either strategic or tactical objectives of the organization.

MSD 128 Handling the Difficult Person

1 credit On Campus in 1 – 10 hour session

Learn skills to deal with really tough situations in order to prevent a crisis!

Description: Discusses the phases of situation crisis intervention. Designed to allow both in-service professionals (police and public safety officers, public safety support personnel, EMTs, firefighters, emergency 911 dispatchers, etc.) and Administration of Justice students short practice sessions on Crisis Intervention and how to approach potentially dangerous situations while in an official capacity.

MSD 134 Who Moved My Cheese?

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Find out who’s been moving your cheese and what you can do about it. Learn skills to embrace change and thrive!

Description: Examines generating and adapting to change and managing transition in the workplace, based on the #1 best seller business book by Spencer Johnson, M.D., Who Moved My Cheese. Explores new behaviors to accelerate an organization’s ability to change, as well as adapting a win-win approach toward transitions in one’s personal life.

MSD 138A Male/Female Communication Differences

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Find out how males and females differ in communication styles and learn how to bridge the gaps!

Description: Examines perception of male and female stereotypes as they affect building rapport in work relationships. Includes ways to modify personal belief systems to incorporate appreciation and respect, and increasing sensitivity to create better work relationships.

MSD 138B Exploring the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Explore the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and change your work habits for good!

Description: Examines a comprehensive approach for increasing personal and professional effectiveness in leadership roles. Explores time-tested strategies for principle based decision making, managing priorities, and building resilient relationships.

MSD 140 Management Workshops

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Want to find out what the latest management buzz is? Learn skills to deal with the latest!

Description: Examines one of a wide range of management issues: maintaining quality, building teams, setting ethical standards, managing diversity, implementing technology, maintaining an effect organization, balancing authority and leadership, problem solving and decision making.

MSD 141A The Time-Stress-Communication Triangle

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn skills for self-leadership and create more balance in your life!

Description: Examines the triangle that connects time management, stress control, and interpersonal communication. While learning to function effectively under pressure, participants will learn how to maintain good relationships, conquer interruptions, manage meetings, and build self-esteem.

MSD 142B Thriving In Transition

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn how to thrive in constant change—and to drive change in the workplace!

Description: Examines how to thrive in the midst of the constant change. Topics include understanding the sources of change, proposing change, addressing resistance to change, and successfully implementing change.

MSD 148 Asserting Yourself in the Workplace

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour 1 – 10 hour sessions

Ramp up your self-respect and learn to respectfully address the important issues, big and small, that impact your work environment.

Examines the impact of assertive, aggressive, and non-assertive behaviors on workplace results. Includes assessing communication rights and responsibilities, minimizing defensive reactions, shifting to assertive behavior, and adapting communication style to promote effective communication.

MSD 150 Listening Skills

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Want to be more effective in the workplace? Learn to listen with intent!

Description: Examines the techniques of active listening and communication skills. Communication techniques such as the perception check, interpretive listening, paraphrasing and questioning will be presented, and opportunity to practice these skills included.

MSD 151 Dealing with Difficult People

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Enhance your relationships and minimize ‘difficult’ encounters!

Description: Examines various concepts in understanding and successfully managing difficult behavior in a diverse workplace environment. Explores strengths and weaknesses of various behavioral/conflict styles and self-assessment instruments measuring individual approaches to relationships and conflicts. Includes specific techniques in dealing with difficult encounters to enhance workplace relationships.

MSD 157 Conflict Management

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn skills to manage and prevent conflict!

Description: Examines various strategies to strengthen organizational efficiency and facilitate effective work relationships through conflict resolution. Explores common conflict causes occurring in a diverse workplace environment and successful negotiation philosophy techniques. Includes uncovering hidden agendas, maintaining respectful relationships, and fixing problems using objective criteria.

MSD 159 Stress Control

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour or 1 – 10 hour sessions

Learn some relaxing skills, build stress tolerance, and take steps to avoid future burnout.

Description: Examines the causes of stress, on the job, at school and in personal relationships. Focuses on understanding personal signs of stress and techniques for preventing and coping with stress, identification of personality factors and interpersonal factors related to stress.

MSD 160A Communication Styles

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 1 – 10 hour session

Learn about your style and how to interact with other styles!

Description: Examines various communication styles in addition to exploring differences in perspectives, styles, beliefs and feelings. Discussion includes building relationships at home, work and in communities with a wide range of people.

MSD 161 Customer Relations

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn skills to improve customer relationships using proven principles!

Description: the principles of effective customer relations. Topics include identifying and responding to customer needs, dealing with difficult customers, developing a positive customer climate, building effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

MSD 162 Angry Feelings and Angry People

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn to gain control over your reactions and convert anger into positive action!

Description: Examines strategies for coping more effectively and constructively with angry feelings. Also includes understanding the impact anger has on ourselves and others; learning how to gain control over our reaction to anger-provoking situations; and converting angry feelings into positive action.

MSD 174 Time Management

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn skills to protect your time with effective time management tools!

Description: Examines various techniques to evaluate employee time usage increasing efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Explores skills to strengthen organizations by managing resources and time schedules in meeting goals and objectives. Includes awareness of how time is used, understanding productivity, developing a time management system, protecting individual time and specific management recommendations.

MSD 174B Leadership/Effective Decision Making

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Finding yourself swamped with challenging decisions? Learn some simple steps to taking the lead and making more effective decisions.

Description: Examines historic examples, characteristics and styles of leadership. Participants will explore leadership activities in public and private organizations; investigate opportunities to exercise personal leadership skills, contribute to group leadership situations and discuss the impact of moral and ethical factors in decision-making.

MSD 176 Nonverbal Communication

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn to "read" body language, eye contact, manner, and gestures to improve your understanding of what people are communicating in the workplace!

Description: Examines the impact non-verbal communication on understanding the message. Topics include body language, eye contact, attire, and manner of presentation and cultural differences.

MSD 176A Interpersonal Communication Skills

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn to improve work relationships through focused attention and listening!

Description: Examines a practical approach to understanding interpersonal communication. Topics include techniques for active listening, methods for conflict resolution, and learning techniques for becoming "other person" focused.

MSD 177 Team Building

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn tools for team building and skills for managing the process!

Description: Examines the importance of quality teams in the workplace and the dynamics of the team building process. Explores various roles team members play in supporting a high performance work team and the value teams have on organizational effectiveness and productivity in a global economy. Includes creative team problem solving and decision making, team building tools, strategies and techniques, effective goal setting and meeting planning.

MSD 179B Avoid Burnout: Build Resilience

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour or 1 – 10 hour sessions

Need to put some air in your 'bounce back' ball? Learn come coping skills, build resilience and take steps to avoid future burnout!

Description: Examines symptoms of the five distinct and sequential stages of burnout; the three major areas of negative stress; the relationship between stress and burnout; the five distinct and interrelated characteristics of personal resilience; and the application of coping skills, antidotes and resilience to avoid burnout.

MSD 187 Humor in the Workplace

1 credit via Online Learning

Improve your health while you learn to use humor for better workplace results!

Examines the rediscovery of laughter and humor through situational humor to re-build human connection, improve individual health, kindle creativity, and establish perspective in a work world confused by strategies such as downsizing, reengineering, outsourcing, etc. Participants should be forewarned that sporadic laughter is entirely possible.

MSD 188B Self-Management for Success

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour or 1 – 10 hour sessions

Regain enthusiasm as you redirect your energy and take a new approach to work. We can't manage others effectively until we learn to manage ourselves!

Description: Examines individual roadblocks to success—including the "too much to do, too little time" syndrome, excessive stress, unclear goals, and unproductive work patterns—and provides strategies to change these habits.

MSD 192A Project Management

1 credit via Online Learning or On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn skills for managing successful projects using professional tools!

Description: Examines both the tools and behavioral skills necessary to manage any project successfully. All steps of the project cycle are modeled with opportunities for participants to practice each step. Participants will learn to increase productivity, present a project activity plan using professional tools and develop project team building skills.

MSD 193 Self Esteem the Key to Success

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour or 1–10 hour sessions

Ever have one of those days when you know you’re limiting yourself? Learn to improve your self-esteem in the workplace!

Description: Examines the cornerstone of human behavior: self-esteem. Explores how self-esteem affects our relationships, our ability to solve problems and set goals, our work performance, and our health. Emphasizes understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy self-esteem when handling conflict and many major dilemmas common to modern life.

MSD 193A Leadership Skill Development

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn skills for leading work groups to higher performance!

Description: Examines key practices and strategies of successful leaders in today's work environment. Various approaches to leadership are examined with consideration to their impact on motivation and productivity. Specific skills and practices are suggested and applied in class discussion, case studies, role plays, and projects.

MSD 194 Effective Presentation Skills

1 credit On Campus in 2 – 5 hour sessions

Learn to dazzle your audience—and your employer!

Description: Examines necessary preparation for giving an effective presentation. Topics include selecting topics, analyzing the audience, developing ideas, selecting and using visual aids, handling questions and overcoming objections.

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