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Cooperative Education

Make Your Experience Work for You

Cooperative Education for Management/Supervisory Development Students

Another way you may be eligible to get credit is if you have recently been promoted or perhaps are currently engaged in a new project at work where there is significant new learning going on. For instance, your boss has asked you to develop a work procedures manual. You will have to plan and organize for the project and it may last for 10 weeks or so (minimum of 100 hours of work). You may be eligible to get credit for this learning through our MSD 280 Co-op education program!

These 4 college transferable credits (MSD 280A & 280B) are designed to allow an individual the opportunity to acquire college credit for current on-the-job learning. During the term the co-op credit is taken, the student must be training in a supervisory capacity or leading a project in which new management skills are being practiced. Up to 8 credits (2 terms) of Cooperative Education may be applied to the Associate Degree.

College Credit for Management Training on the Job

Did you know that you may receive college credit for management training sessions, seminars, or business related workshops that you attended on a non-credit basis? Those 1 or 2 day seminars or perhaps that short course conducted at work on a supervisory issue may be worth MSD credits! If you think you may qualify, please get in touch with Daphne Wu.