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Machine Manufacturing Technology

Work Schedule

Department hours

Department hours
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Resource room 8:30am-2:45pm 8:30am-2:30pm 8:30am-2:45pm 8:30am-2:45pm 8:30am-5pm
Shop 3pm-8:15pm 3:30pm-8:15pm (Staff Meeting 2:30 to 3:30 PM – Shop Closed) 3pm-8:15pm 3pm-8:15pm 9am-2pm (manual machines only)
Note: Monday through Friday, Shop opens at 9am

See detailed staff schedules posted in the department

Instructor and staff schedules
Instructor Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Office Hrs. Phone
Joe Huddleston 9am-2:30pm 3-8:30pm 9am-2:30pm 9am-2:30pm Off See schedule on instructor door 971-722-4897
Pat Kraft 3-8:30pm 9am-3:30pm Release Release Release See schedule on instructor door 971-722-8170
Scott Stewart 9am-2:30pm 9am-3:30pm 9am-2:30pm 3-8:30pm Off See schedule on instructor door 971-722-4611
Alexander Vins Off 9am-3:30pm 3-8:30pm 9am-3pm 9am-2pm See schedule on instructor door 971-722-4613
Don Berkley 2:30-8:30pm 2:30-8:30pm 3-8:30pm Off Off By arrangement 971-722-8277
Rick Luff   2:30-8:30pm 9am-2:30pm 3-8:30pm Off By arrangement 971-722-8145
Keri Salam 9am-12pm and 4-8:30pm Mastercam 1-5pm Mastercam 9-12pm Mastercam 1-5pm Mastercam Off By arrangement 971-722-4155
Rodney Willis 8:30am-5pm 8:30am-5pm 8:30am-5pm 8:30am-5pm 8:30am-5pm   971-722-4155
Scott Hancock 2-8:30pm 2-8:30pm 8:30am-3pm 8:30am-3pm     972-722-4155
Samuel Minter 8:30am-3pm       9:30am-2pm    

Classes Start: 4/3/17 - 6/13/17

Other Closures: Each Tuesday (Staff Meeting Normally 2:30 to 3:30 PM – Study Room Open / Shop Closed) Check the shop calendar for additional closure notices.

Closures: 5/29/17 (Holiday), 4/25/17 (SAC Meeting)

Note: Last paperwork day is 6/12/17. Last shop day and shop cleanup is 6/13/17.

Other dates: 4/8/17 Last day to drop 8 to 12 week classes with return of tuition and fees. 5/27/17 Last day to withdraw from full term classes with a W (withdrawal) mark and loss of tuition and fees.