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Machine Manufacturing Technology

Prerequisites, Tools and Equipment


All prerequisites must be met or currently in progress to be on the waiting list for Machine Manufacturing Technology.  Students will not be admitted to the first term of the program if they have not met the prerequisites. If you completed your prerequisite courses at another institution, you will need to submit your official transcripts to Student Records for evaluation prior to submitting your Application to the Machine Manufacturing Technology program. You will also want to attach an electronic copy (unofficial) to the MMT application.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must show readiness for RD/WR 115 and MTH 65 or higher (through placement test scores or completion of pre-requisite courses).

Tools and Equipment

Note: Borrowing required tools is not allowed.

The following are required before any shop activity, including MCH 121:
  • 1 each Safety Glasses *
  • 1 each 6" Flexible Steel Rule with 32nd and 64th increments one side, and 10th and 100th increments on the other side
  • 1 each Scientific Calculator with Fractional Function (Casio fx-260 SOLAR FRACTION model, with an a/b is preferred)
  • 1 each Combination Lock
The following personal tools are required to be purchased before starting course MCH 150 or higher:
  • 1 Machinists' Ready Reference
  • 1 6" Dial Caliper (Starret #120 or equivalent)
  • 1 each Black Permanent Marker Pen
  • 1 each Set of Hex-head (Allen) Wrenches - 1/16" to 3/8"
  • 1 each Open-end / Box-end Wrenches - 3/8" to 3/4"
  • 1 each Silica Carbide Hone Stone – for Carbide Tools
  • 1 each Aluminum Oxide Hone Stone - for HSS Tools
  • 1 each Dial Test Indicator w/ dovetail mounts (Starrett #709AZ or equivalent)
  • 1 each Magnetic Base Indicator Holder (Noga #DG61003 or equivalent)
  • 1 each Universal Indicator Holders (Indicol #178 or equivalent)
  • 1 each Dial Indicator (Starrett #655-441J or equivalent)
  • 1 each Cemented Carbide Right-hand Turning Tool - 1/2" Shank; Grade: C5, K21 or all-purpose *
  • 1 each Cemented Carbide Left-hand Turning Tool - 1/2" Shank; Grade: C5, K21 or all-purpose *
  • 3 HSS 5/16 square blanks *
  • 1 each Edge/Center Finder (3/8" x .200 or 1/2" x .200) *
  • 1 Thread Center Gage (Unified National) *

* See instructor prior to acquisition.