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Landscape Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

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What degrees and certificates are offered?

See the Program Overview and catalog for detailed information about the degrees and certificates.

I work days. Are there night courses?

Yes. While classes are held during the days, each one is scheduled for a single 5 hour block 1X week to minimize the number of commutes to campus and days off work. Many of our students are part time and work through classes as their work schedules allow. See the class schedule current class offerings.

Can I take classes part-time?

About half of our students take classes part-time.

Can I start the program at the beginning of any quarter?

Yes. In the first-year sequence of courses there are few prerequisites. Many second-year courses however require prerequisites. An individual course is usually only offered once a year at the same time every year. So if you're planning on completing a certain certificate or AAS degree in a certain period of time, planning is essential. If you miss a course it won't come around again for another year.

I have a prior college degree. Can any of those credits count?

Yes. If you have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, all 16 of your General Education credits and your WR 121 requirement is accepted. To receive credit for your previous college classes, please send an official transcript to PCC Student Records and request an evaluation. For more information, please visit the Transfer Credit Standards and Processes page. If you have taken Landscape or Horticulture classes at another college, you must first have your transcript evaluated by Student Records, and then may request another evaluation from the Landscape Department.

Where do I start?

See What's Next? on the Landscape Technology homepage.

What's the job outlook for the green industry?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a higher than average growth for most sectors of the green industry (landscaping, grounds maintenance, retail and wholesale nurseries) through 2012. PCC's Student Employment Services reports more job listings in spring than students applying.

What is the average rate of pay for the landscape industry?

Pay varies based on education and field experience. See Careers in Landscape Technology for more information.

What is Cooperative Education or Cooperative Work Experience?

See the Cooperative Education for Students page.

How can I find a job?

You can register with Student Employment and Cooperative Education Services. Once on the listserv, you will receive notice of jobs and internships as they are posted. These notices will be sent directly to your email account where you can view them at your convenience.