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Landscape Technology


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An ideal candidate in landscape technology will possess a strong foundation in horticulture, plant biology, and basic construction and design practices. Landscapers and horticulturists may perform a variety of tasks, including landscape design, installation, maintenance, as well as working in marketing and sales at larger nurseries. Learn more about careers in the Landscape Industry at the National Association of Landscape Professionals Careers page

What will I do on the job?

Landscapers and horticulturists perform a wide variety of jobs. These may include jobs like the design of new landscapes, landscape and irrigation installation, landscape maintenance, tree care, golf course work and sales. You may move to supervisory positions or become the owner of your own landscape business. Landscapers usually work outdoors in all types of weather. However, some work is done in greenhouses.

What skills will I use on the job?

PCC’s Landscape Technology program is designed to develop a broad background of skills in areas such as client and fellow worker communication, landscape drafting, interpretation and installation of landscape designs, irrigation installation, identification of plants and plant problems, landscape construction skills, basic requirements for landscape businesses, landscape math skills, equipment operation, tree care skills and turf management.

Who will hire me?

Landscape technology graduates are hired by landscape contracting firms, landscape maintenance firms, large institutions, nurseries and golf courses. Employment opportunities include work with landscape designers; design/build firms; crew leaders and supervisors for planting, construction, irrigation or landscape maintenance crews; those in the tree care industry, or in golf course maintenance. In addition, sales positions are available at retail nurseries, garden centers and at landscape and horticultural suppliers. Many landscapers are self-employed. Graduates of the PCC Landscape Technology program work for such firms as Trugreen Landcare, Cascadian Landscapers, Teufel Nursery, City of Portland Parks & Recreation, Port of Portland and Portland Nursery. Some are self-employed landscape contractors and maintenance business operators.

How much can I earn?

Starting annual salaries in the Portland area range from approximately $17,000 to $22,000. With experience, salaries range from $25,000 to $40,000. Self-employed landscapers earn $15 to $70 per hour, depending on experience and the type of work.

Median Salaries for Select Landscape Professionals: National Association of Landscape Professionals

Job Title Lower Salary Upper Salary
Arborist $36K $81K
Interior Landscape Professional $32K $64K
Irrigation Technician $29K $81K
Landscape Designer of Architect $64K $81K
Landscape Estimator $60K $81K
Landscape Installer $25K $81K
Landscape Management Technician $25K $81K
Landscape Purchaser $38K $51K
Lawn Care/Turf Management Technician $25 $81
Nursery/Greenhouse Professional $25K 81K
Support — CSR, Marketing, Finance $27K $115K
Account Manager $45K $90K
Sales Professional $53K $114K
Business Executive/Owner $60K $186K