Honors Program


Honors faculty members are an integral part of the success of the PCC Pilot Honors Program.  Teaching an Honors course is rewarding because both faculty and students are highly motivated and enthusiastic about engaging in academic material in a different way.  Faculty teaching Honors courses have the opportunity to try new pedagogies and develop new course materials as well as experiment with new and unconventional approaches.  Faculty is encouraged to propose Honors sections of current general education courses.  Faculty can propose Honors courses to their SAC.  Once approved for development, the faculty should work closely with the Honors Council to develop the Honors outcomes and attributes.  The Honors Council will assist the faculty in submitting the proposal to the Curriculum Committee.  The Honors course outcomes should be written in a manner that allows other faculty members to teach the course.  In other words, courses should not be idiosyncratic to the original instructor. 

Honors faculty is expected to engage in the Honors community by mentoring Honors students and participating in Honors extra-curricular activities.  Faculty is expected to participate in workshops, seminars, and other activities that develop and maintain quality in the Honors Program and courses.  Evaluation is an important element in maintaining integrity and credibility in an Honors program.  Therefore, faculty evaluations by students in Honors courses are required of participants in the Program.