Honors Program


What is an Honors Course?

Courses in the Pilot Honors Program are taught by full and part-time faculty from Portland Community College who have expressed an interest in challenging students and themselves.  Most of the courses are general education courses that will transfer in the same way as their non-honors counterparts.

All Honors general education courses are open to all students having a GPA of 3.25.  Motivated students not yet meeting that requirement are invited to consult with any honors instructor. 

Honors courses differ from their non-honors counterparts in several ways.  Honors courses anticipate significant engagement on the parts of students and faculty.  The same material is covered, but the work done assumes a conscious preference for active engagement with the subject matter.  Students can expect to interact with each other, with faculty, and with course content on a very personal, deliberate level. 

Honors courses may include leadership opportunities, inventive assignments, community involvement, presentation opportunities, field trips, and other external influences.  Honors courses will require higher participation, in-depth critical thinking, independent inquiry, engagement with primary sources, and heightened awareness of source sophistication and assessment.

At its most obvious, participation in Honors courses will help students achieve their academic goals by bolstering their transcripts and improving their ability to cope with challenging courses.  More importantly, participation in Honors courses will transition students into scholars.  Successful students will leave their courses and the program able to document their strengths, as well as having developed a sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy.  They will also have experienced an energetic, deeply fulfilling educational journey.

Course Approval

Please contact any representative for information and assistance creating your Honors course.