Honors Program

Honors Course Offerings

Initial Honors Program courses include:

  • ART 204H, 205H, 206H History of Western Art
  • BI 101H Biology Honors
  • COMM111H Public Speaking
  • HST 101H West Civ Ancient to Medieval Honors
  • HST 102H West Civ Medieval to Modern
  • HST 103H  West Civ Modern Europe
  • WR 121H English Composition: Honors
  • WR 122H English Composition: Honors
  • MTH 111H College Algebra
  • CH221H, 222H, 223H General Chemistry
  • PHL201H Being and Knowing Honors
  • PHL202H Ethics
  • HON 101 Intro to Honors: Scholarly Inquiry
  • HON 201 Capstone Experience

Additional courses are pending.

Course Approval

Please contact any representative for information and assistance creating your Honors course.