Honors Program


Benefits for Students

  • Study with faculty who are testing their own teaching and discipline.
  • Enhance your preparation for upper division coursework.
  • Interact with faculty in classroom, mentoring, and advising capacities.
  • Belong to a community of peer/scholars in the classroom and the college community.
  • Develop leadership potential through campus activities and community service projects.
  • Receive specialized library training and support.
  • Receive customized advising about navigating the academic environment.
  • Explore off-campus learning experiences.
  • Culminate your PCC education with a capstone experience.
  • Participate in a strong support network as you prepare to transfer.
  • Earn special recognition for honors courses on your transcript.
  • Gain improved access to local colleges and universities via developing articulation agreements. 
  • Compete more effectively for scholarship opportunities. 

Benefits for Faculty

  • Established space for testing alternative teaching and learning strategies.
  • Opportunity for faculty creativity and innovation.
  • Higher level engagement with motivated students.
  • Satisfaction of helping students achieve their highest potential.

Benefits for the College

  • Provides visibility of student success
  • Attracts and retains motivated students otherwise on a traditional four-year track.
  • Raises the potential for increased retention among the cohort.
  • Increases interest among cohort to complete the diploma.
  • Fosters improved and articulated relationships with four-year colleges.
  • Encourages our diverse population to reach its highest potential.
  • Meets growing demand that community colleges meet the needs of high achieving students.