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Advising information

Advisor contact information

Questions about what classes to take? Problems registering? Contact the program advisor, Amanda Gallo.

If you are not yet admitted to our program, see the admissions advising guide and email healthca@pcc.edu with any questions.

Contact the advisor before registering each term to be sure you are on track.

Advising guides

Plan your classes using the appropriate advising guide:

Computer requirements

This program requires students to use applications during the second year of the program that do not formally support Mac. If you use a Mac, you will be responsible for your own application access support or you may need to use Parallels Desktop or a similar application that supports Windows programs on a Mac.

Graduation requirements

Use Grad Plan to determine what classes you need for graduation. If you have concerns about classes listed in Grad Plan, contact program advisor Amanda Gallo. When you complete all graduation requirements, you will be automatically awarded the degree or certificate at the end of the final term. See the graduation page for more information.

Having trouble in class?

  • Let the teacher know right away.
    • Make an appointment with your advisor to help identify other support services available for your success.
  • Use resources like study groups, tutoring labs, and online tutoring.
  • If you have financial aid, always contact Financial Aid before withdrawing from a class.
  • Get help with online classes and D2L from the Student Help Desk.

Advising Q&A

When should I see an advisor?

You should contact your advisor at the beginning of each term or before registration for the next term to be sure you are on track and following your academic plan.

You should see your advisor when you have a specific need:

  • Registration problems such as registration holds or a need for a class prerequisite override.
  • To plan your courses for completion of your degree or certificate.
    • This can be crucial for completing your degree in a timely manner.
  • Financial Aid needs such as a Time Frame Extension Appeal.
  • GRAD Plan concerns.
  • A course substitution for a previously completed class.
  • An unofficial transcript review/evaluation. For an official transcript evaluation, see how to transfer credits to PCC.
  • Progress and performance concerns, and need additional support.
  • Clarification on student advocacy or other college policies.
What is a CPN? What do I do with the information?

CPN or Course Progress Notification is an early alert system designed to give you feedback about course progress. It gives faculty an easy and systematic way to communicate with you regarding:

  • Attendance
  • Class participation
  • Completed coursework
  • Current grades
  • Overall performance

CPN generates an email to you noting concerns or positive feedback from your instructors. It provides you with information regarding PCC student services and resources.

You should respond to any negative feedback via email to the instructor who sent you the CPN. If the feedback is positive, it is nice to respond to acknowledge you received it. If you need help in responding to a faculty member please see your advisor.

What is a Request for Course Substitution?

A Request for Course Substitution is a petition form completed by the department chair indicating that another class has met the requirements for a required course. It is often used for a course taken at another college, school, or university. Please see your advisor if you believe that you have met a course’s requirements by another completed course.

What is a Time Frame Extension Appeal?

Federal regulations limit financial aid eligibility to 150% of the number of credits required to complete a degree, certificate, or transfer program as published in the PCC college catalog. All attempted credits must be counted toward this limit regardless of whether financial aid was received or whether the class was completed.

If you receive federal financial aid you must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Satisfactory progress includes:

  1. Completing a minimum of 66.67% of attempted credits each term with a 2.0 or higher GPA
  2. Making progress toward your degree or certificate

If you reach the limit, you must request an extension by completing a Time Frame Extension Appeal request with an advisor for continued financial support. The request or appeal will require an academic plan (prepared with an advisor on GRAD Plan) for completion of the program.

Why would I need a transcript review evaluation?

The evaluation ensures you will receive credit for classes you completed at another college or university. The transfer credit would apply toward your degree or certificate program. The credits and/or grades would become documentation in your academic record at Portland Community College. Also, it will be located in the GRAD Plan as part of the record of your progress and performance.

What is General Education? Do I have to take it?

Candidates for all PCC degrees are required to complete a minimum of 16 general education credits. (See the PCC catalog for details). To obtain the AAS degree you must complete the minimum 16 credits from these areas:

  • Arts & Letters
  • Science, Math and Computer Science
  • Social Science

Credit for coding course work based on credentials and/or work experience

Non-traditional credit: The HIM program will allow non-traditional credit in approved areas. The following credentials will permit transcript credits to be applied to the degree:

  • CCS, CCA: HIM 270, 273, 275
  • CCS-P, CPC, CPC-A: HIM 273, 275

Other credentials may be accepted. Use the course transfer requirements document to confirm the credential covers all the required topics and request consideration. After approval from the HIM program director, to request credit by credential, go to the credit for prior learning page and click the industry certification tab, and submit a copy of your credential, along with the list of courses you wish to obtain credit for.

If you have additional industry certifications that test for knowledge equivalent to HIM classes other than coding, you may submit the request to credit for prior learning for consideration for credit as well.

To have work experience considered as a substitution for a course, you must also submit a detailed resume with verifiable experience and supervisor contact information. For example, an experienced inpatient or outpatient surgery coder may be eligible for credit for HIM 105, HIM 107, and HIM 276.

Work experience may be applied as non-traditional credit. Non-degree required college credits may be needed for substitutions or credit by examination must be requested, unless it can be included with a credential credit request. It may be possible to request credit by examination. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For consideration, you must submit a current resume or document describing how you obtained the knowledge covered in the course. To request credit by examination, go to the credit for prior learning page and click the course challenge tab to submit the request.

For questions please contact Allied Health Admissions at healthca@pcc.edu.