Graphic Design

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Preparatory Coursework

2013 - 2014 Graphic Design Preparatory Coursework

This list of required courses was created to give students the option of completing non Graphic Design program requirements before completing the required prerequisites of GD 101, GD 120 and GD 101.

Students can complete any non-graphic design classes prior to starting the (GD) graphic design sequence of classes. The graphic design sequence can only be fully started in the summer or fall terms. To qualify to register for winter term graphic design classes students must complete the three required first-term classes with a "B" grade or better. In addition, students must have placed into WR 121, out of reading and into Math 60 or completed the equivalent level or higher.

Required classes for the AAS Graphic Design degree that are offered all year and in various sequences:

Foundation Courses
  • Math 65 Intro. to Algebra PT. 2 (4 credits) or Higher
  • WR 121 English Composition (4 credits)
  • ART 131A Intro. to Drawing (3 credits)
  • ART 214 History of Graphic Design (4 credits)
  • COMM 111 Intro. to Public Speaking (4 credits)
  • ART 270A Printmaking (3 credits)
Core Courses
  • Required Art Elective - choose one of the following ART 204, 205, 206, 271, or 140
  • Social Science Requirement - one 3 or 4 credit class from General Education List
  • Science, Math, Computer Science requirement - one 3 or 4 credit class from General Education List
  • Additional general education any category - one 3 or 4 credit class from General Education List
First Term Required Graphic Design Courses
  • GD 120 Graphic Design 1 (3 credits)
  • GD 114 Introduction to Typography ( 3 credits) *Fall term only
  • GD 101 Macintosh Fundamentals (1 credits) *Fall term only

Total Credits: 47 - 54+ credits

At least half of the required courses can be taken prior to starting the graphic design sequence courses. (Total credits can vary per person based on any additional courses that may be required. For example Math 60 is a prerequisite for Math 65 and WR 115 may be required prior to taking WR 121 based on your placement test scores).