Gerontology Program

Gerontology Advocacy Certificate

The Gerontology Program is pleased to announce a new state-approved 39-credit certificate in advocacy.

The Advocacy Certificate is designed to advance the knowledge and develop the skills of advocates working with older persons to support them in navigating health, care, aging services and other systems, and in finding and utilizing the resources and services they need to thrive. The certificate is also appropriate for any professional working on policy and program development in aging, disability and related services in order to enhance their ability to advocate effectively, to collaborate with other professionals and diverse stakeholders, and to ensure accessibility, equity and inclusion for the clients with whom they work.

The courses in this Career Pathway Certificate are wholly contained within the State Board approved Gerontology AAS Degree, and can be declared through enrollment services starting in the Winter 2018 term, and awarded in the Fall 2018 term.

Learning Outcomes

Students successfully completing this certificate will be able to:

  • Use Gerontological research and theories to plan, implement and contribute to programs, policies and social change strategies for and with older persons in professional, institutional and community settings.
  • Communicate, collaborate and access appropriate resources and services while working with other professionals and diverse stakeholders to advocate with and on behalf of older persons.
  • Adhere to professional and ethical standards appropriate to one's Gerontological areas of specialty while managing one's career and taking advantage of continuing learning opportunities.

Advocacy Certificate Courses

Advocacy certificate courses
Course # Course Title Credits Terms
GRN 181 Exploring the Field of Aging 2 All
GRN 175 The Aging Mind 2 All
GRN 201 Ageism 2 ~F/W/Sp~
GRN 240 Care and Service Coordination 3 F, Sp
GRN 245 > Introduction to Guardianship 1 ~F/W/Sp~
GRN 247 > Applied Legal & Policy Issues in Aging 2 ~F/W/Sp~
GRN 280A Gerontology Internship 4 All
GRN 280B Gerontology Internship Seminar 1 F,W,Sp
GRN 282 Gerontology Professional Seminar 2 F,W,Sp
PSY 236 Psychology of Adult Development & Aging 4 All
SOC 223 Sociology of Aging 4 F, Sp
SOC 230 Introduction to Gerontology 4 W, Sp
SOC 231 Health and Aging 4 All
SOC 232 Death and Dying 4 All
Total Credits 39
  • ~F/W/Sp~: Terms offered varies. Check the current academic year schedule for up-to date information about when this course is offered
  • : GRN245 and GRN247 are always offered during the same term

What's Next?

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  1. Apply for admission to PCC
  2. For more information and guidance on how to get started on the Gerontology Advocacy Certificate, contact the Gerontology Program Advisors: