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Gerontology Program

New in Fall 2019: Activity Professional Career Pathway Certificate

The Gerontology Program is pleased to announce a new state-approved 30-credit Activity Professional certificate. This certificate replaces our previous three activity certificates.

This certificate is designed to prepare graduates for activity, life enrichment and wellness positions in long-term care settings, adult day programs, assisted living and retirement communities. It also provides students the knowledge and skills to apply for Activity Professional-Board Certified (AP-BC) certification by the National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center, with required work experience, continuing education, and successful completion of the NAAPCC Competency Exam.

The courses in this Career Pathway Certificate are wholly contained within the state-approved Gerontology AAS Degree, and students can declare it through enrollment services, by emailing enroll@pcc.edu with their G-number and proceed to take courses. Contact ger@pcc.edu for further information and advising.

Learning Outcomes

Students successfully completing this certificate will be able to:

  • Provide appropriate and effective activity programs that enhance quality of life for older persons and persons with disabilities in long-term care and memory care facilities, community and day programs.
  • Demonstrate ability to complete assessment and documentation meeting state and federal requirements.
  • Meet the standards of practice for development and implementation of comprehensive activity programs for all levels of cognition, physical functioning, and psycho-social needs, based on a person-centered, person-directed approach.
  • Meet the knowledge requirements of the National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center (NAAPCC)'s certification.

Certificate Courses

Info about courses
Course # Course Title Credits Terms
GRN 181 Exploring the Field of Aging 2 Fall, Winter, Spring
GRN 165 Basic Activity Director Training 2 Fall, Spring
GRN 175 The Aging Mind 2 Fall, Winter, Spring
GRN 176 Cognitive Activity Design 2 Terms vary - see schedule
GRN 264 Advanced Activity Professional Training 3 Summer, Winter
GRN 280A Internship 4 All
GRN 280B Internship Seminar 1 Fall, Spring
GRN 282 Gerontology Professional Seminar 2 Fall, Spring
SOC 223 Sociology of Aging 4 Fall, Spring
SOC 230 Introduction to Gerontology 4 Winter, Spring
SOC 231 Health and Aging 4 All
Total credits 30
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Earn a certificate

  • Career Pathway Certificate: Activity Professional

This certificate will be listed in the 2020-2021 academic catalog. For a list classes and learning outcomes, see the Activity Professional Certificate information sheet.

What's Next?

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  1. Apply for admission to PCC
  2. For more information and guidance on how to get started, contact the Gerontology Program Advisors: