Exercise Science

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Admission Prerequisites

Academic Prerequisites

Other Prerequisites

  • Attend an Exercise Science Information Session. Check the Exercise Science website for dates and times of the sessions.
  • Application and acceptance to PCC as a credit-seeking student.
  • Complete the online Exercise Science program application. Check the Exercise Science website for application deadlines and access to the application. All prerequisites must be completed prior to submitting the Exercise Science program application.

Program Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • All courses for the Exercise Science AAS and Career Pathway Certificates must be completed with a grade of "C" or "P" or better.
  • A maximum of 9 Pass/No Pass credits are allowed in the Exercise Science Career Pathway Certificates.
  • First year winter term courses for the AAS degree and the Personal Trainer Career Pathway Certificate require MTH 65 or higher and WR 121 with a "C" or "P" or better as prerequisites.

Other Requirements

  • Transcripts with previous coursework must be evaluated by student records.
  • Meet with an Exercise Science Admissions Advisor prior to first term enrollment.
  • Meet with the Exercise Science Advisor once per term.
  • Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to contact Disability Services 971-722-4341.

What can I take now?

See below for courses that you can be take prior to completing the EXS admissions process. Check specific AAS and/or Career Pathways Certificate requirements (EXPT, EXGF, or EXHO) in the current PCC Catalog to determine exactly which courses you’ll need.

  • Math, WR, RD needed for prerequisites - Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
  • HE 295 & PE 295 Health and Fitness for Life Lecture and Health and Fitness for Life Lab (3 credits) - Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
  • PE 181A Beginning Weight Training
    or PE 181B Intermediate Weight Training
    or PE 181C Advanced Weight Training (1 credit) - Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
  • HUS 102 Mental Health First Aid: Adult(1 credit) - Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
  • FT 100 Emergency Response for Fitness Professionals (1credit) - Fall, Winter, Spring
  • FT 101 Exploring Exercise Science Careers (3 credits) - Fall, Winter, Spring
  • PE 282A Professional Activities: Group Fitness (2 credits) – Fall, Winter
  • PE 283 Professional Activities: Mind Body Disciplines (2 credits) - Fall, Winter
  • GRN 165 Basic Activity Director Training (2 credits) - Fall, Winter, Spring (for Healthy Older Adult Certificate - EXHO)
  • SOC 231 Sociology of Health & Aging
    or 223 Social Gerontology/Sociology of Aging (4 credits) - Fall, Winter, Spring (for Healthy Older Adult Certificate - EXHO)
  • PE Group Fitness Course - from Group Fitness Leader Elective List (See Catalog page for list) (1 credit) – Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring (for Group Fitness Leader Certificate - EXGF)
  • Gen Ed - Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring (for AAS Degree)