Emergency Management

Cascade PSEB 129 | 971-722-5424 | Department Chair: Carol Bruneau | FAX: 971-722-5535 | Program Advisor: Michelle Butler

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Prepare For Your Future

The overwhelming short- and long- term needs of hurricane, earthquake and tsunami victims, as well as the victims of other natural and manmade disasters are an ever present reminder that the United States government and world leaders must become better prepared to manage both the disaster and the aftermath, and be prepared to do so for as long as necessary. Emergency Management, long thought to be the venue of local and state police, fire and EMS responders and the military, is becoming a highly specialized and rapidly growing profession. The emergency manager of the future is expected to have a broad range of knowledge in a variety of fields.

Emergency Management is a fast-growing field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2014 there will be a 22% increase in job openings just for emergency management specialists. Many first responders in the fields of law enforcement and the fire service are seeking additional training in emergency planning and preparedness.

Private sector employers are creating new emergency management positions to prepare and protect their employees in the event of a major incident. Skilled emergency managers will provide direction and resources which will allow businesses to continue vital operations, repair and restore our utilities, and protect the health and well-being of individuals, and organize recovery efforts for our communities.

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