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paraeducator students

The Paraeducation program is designed to give you a variety of skills, including individual instruction, group instruction, behavior management, interpersonal and intercultural communication with adults and students, and personal growth. Some students use this program as an initial, exploratory step toward a career in teaching. 

There is a choice of emphasis between Special Education or working with English language learners.

Many of the courses in the Paraeducation Program are also applicable to teacher re-licensure.

Training that Works

PCC's program trains paraeducators to work in general purpose classrooms, special education, ESL. The emphasis is on field experience in elementary and secondary schools. Participants in the program learn to:

  1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of paraeducators.
  2. Assist in academic instruction.
  3. Understand issues of diversity as related to educational settings.
  4. Communicate effectively with students, staff, and parents.
  5. Motivate and assist students.
  6. Meet No Child Left Behind academic standards for paraeducators.