Diesel Service Technology

Required Tool Set

The staff at Portland Community College strongly recommends purchasing high quality tools that have a lifetime guarantee. Students have an excellent opportunity to purchase tools and tool storage at a substantial discount through many different vendors who support the Diesel Program.

It is recommended that students contact a Diesel Service Technology Instructor for guidance in the purchasing of the required tool set. Information on purchasing tools can be obtained by calling the diesel shop at 971-722-7275.

This tool set is adequate to accomplish the work required of the students during class and it will enable the students to accomplish the work required of them when they first are employed. It should be understood that technicians must continue to build their tool complement throughout their career.

It is understood that some pre-packaged vendor tool kits may vary from the Portland Community College required tool list. If the vendor tool kit varies greatly for the PCC required tool list, speak to an instructor to ensure that your purchase will provide you with the needed tools to complete your classes.

School's Requirement

Diesel tool list
1/4" Dr. Socket Set
Ratchet 1/4"
Sockets 5/32" - 1/2"
Socket Rail 1/4"
Metric 5 – 12mm
Socket Rail 1/4"
Extension 2"
Extension 4"
3/8" Dr. Socket Set
Universal 3/8"
Speed Handle 3/8"
Ratchet 3/8"
Extension (universal type) 3"
Extension 3"
Extension 6"
Extension 10"
Sockets 12 point 5/16" – 13/16"
Socket Rail 3/8"
Sockets 12 point 10 – 19mm
Socket rail 3/8"
Hex Key Sockets 2 – 10mm
Socket rail 3/8"
Hex Key Sockets 1/16" – 3/8"
Socket rail 3/8"
Torx, Tamper Resistant T8 – T55
Torx, Drive Sockets E6 – E16
1/2" Dr. Socket Set
Flex Handle (breaker bar) 18"
Ratchet 1/2"
Extension 3"
Extension 6"
Sockets 12 point 7/16 – 1 1/4"
Socket rail 1/2"
Sockets 6 or 12-point impact 7/16 – 1 1/2"
Sockets 12mm – 24mm
Socket rail 1/2"
Adapter 3/8" to 1/2"
Adapter 1/2" to 3/8"
Adapter 1/2" to 3/4"
Combination Wrenches 5/16 – 1 1/4"
Combination Wrenches 10 – 19mm
Offset Open End Wrenches 5/16" – 3/4"
Tubing Wrenches 3/8" – 3/4"
Slip Joint Pliers 6"
Adjustable Locking Pliers 7"
Tongue and Groove Pliers (Channel Lock) 12"
Long Nose Pliers 6"
Diagonal Wire Cutter 6"
External Snap Ring Pliers Straight
External Snap Ring Pliers 45 degree
External Snap Ring Pliers 9" flat tip for retaining rings
Internal Snap Ring Pliers Straight
Internal Snap Ring Pliers 45 degree
(Universal snap ring plier set may be substituted for individual snap ring pliers)
Slotted 1/4" x 6"
Slotted 5/16" x 9"
Slotted 3/8" x 12"
Slotted Stubby
Phillips #1 #1 x 3"
Phillips #2 #2 x 8"
Phillips #2 Stubby
Ball Peen Hammer 12 oz.
2 LB Dead Blow Hammer
Air Tools
Impact Gun 1/2" 400 foot lb.
Blow Gun, OSHA Approved
Electrical Tools
Digital Multi-meter, Snap On EEDM596DK w/spare fuses – see NOTES (1 & 3) below
Inductive Amp Clamp, Snap On EETA502C – see NOTE (1) below
Electrical probe kit, jumperkit18001.10-kit – see NOTE (1) below
Test Lead Kit, Snap On MTTL700 or instructor approved equivalent – see NOTE (1) below
Battery Terminal Cleaner
Electrical Stripper
Electrical Crimper
Test Light 12 volt
Butane Micro Torch
Heavy Duty Remote Start Switch (e.g. Napa Part # BK700-2439)
Snap On R490 Electric Soldering Iron or instructor approved equivalent – see NOTE (2) below

NOTE (1): Digital multi-meter, fuses, amp clamp, test lead kit and jumper kit are available at Rock Creek bookstore.

NOTE (2): Butane Soldering Iron Snap On YAKS32A or instructor approved equivalent may be substituted for Electric Soldering Iron

NOTE (3): If you plan on taking the PCC Electric Power Generation Class you will need a Fluke 87 multi-meter and spare fuses instead of the Snap On multi-meter.

Punches and Chisels
Pin Punch 1/8"
Pin Punch 1/4"
Center Punch 3/8"
Chisel 1/2"
Chisel 1/4"
Starter Punch 3/8"
Brass Drift
Digital or Dial Caliper 6" Range
Magnetic base dial indicator 1” Range
Gasket Scraper
Pry Bar Heel type 16"
Pry Bar Flat type 20"
Angle Feeler Gauge .001" - .030"
Feeler Gauge Go – No Go .002" - .030"
Course File 10" Mill Bastard File
6" Fine File 6" Smooth Flat File
Telescope Magnet 4" – 19"
Ear Muffs
Tape Measure 12 ft
Steel Wire Brush
Standard Hex Key Wrenches or Folding Wrench Set
Metric Hex Key Wrenches or Folding Wrench Set
3/8" Click Type Torque Wrench 75 FT/LB
1/2" Click Type Torque Wrench 250 FT/LB
Tire Gauge 250 psi
Adjustable Filter Wrench (strap type)
O-Ring Pick Set
Clear Safety Glasses (OSHA approved)
Coveralls – full length sleeve
Work shoes / boots, leather required, steel toe recommended
Non-metallic clipboard

PC based tablet or laptop computer having the following (minimum) features:

Operating System:
Windows 7
CPU speed:
1 GHz
1 GB
16 GB
Network adapter:
2 each USB 2.0 or greater
MS Word or compatible word processor


  • Dell Inspiron 15
  • Asus Transformer Book T100TA
  • Microsoft Surface 2
Tool Storage
One roll around bottom tool chest, no larger than 20” deep, 40” wide and 40” tall