Dental Laboratory Technology

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Dental Laboratory Technician - Program Admission

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The Dental Laboratory Technician two year certificate program begins in the fall term of each school year. Students have the option of graduating with an Associate’s of Applied Science degree (AAS) by completing additional requirements. We accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Enrollment is limited so students are encouraged to apply early. The first 24 applicants who meet the basic criteria are accepted into the program. See the Catalog for program curriculum.

Students who only want skill upgrades can join the program at any time after faculty advising appointment. 

To be eligible to apply to the Dental Laboratory Technician program students must complete the following college-level prerequisites:

  • Reading 90 or Writing 115 with a grade C or better, or placement into Reading 115
  • Math 20 or higher with a grade C or better, or placement into Math 60 or higher.
  • Successful completion of a wax carving test.

Students may meet entry requirements with placement results, but will still need to complete a math course to meet certificate or degree graduation requirements.


Students should complete all prerequisite requirements before submitting their applications. To apply, submit the following:
  • Dental Lab Technology program application (Before clicking this link, be sure to refresh the page to make sure you're downloading the most current version.)
  • Official college transcripts, other than PCC, where you took a prerequisite
  • Compass test scores, if you have not taken college level writing or math courses
  • Official high school transcripts or copy of GED scores

Send to:

Health Admissions Office
Portland Community College, SY CC 208
PO Box 19000 Portland, OR 97219-0990

All applicants are required to successfully pass a wax carving test before they are admitted to the program. The dental department will schedule and administer the test after they received a certain number of applications, and will contact applicants regarding the date for the test.

After completing the wax carving test, the dental department will contact applicants regarding their admission status. Classes begin fall term in September.

Applicants who qualify after the initial 24 students have been selected are placed on an alternate list. Often, many alternates are eventually selected for the program. Qualified alternates are accepted if positions in the class become available in the order their applications are received. The Dental Laboratory Technology Program is a closed program with limited enrollment.

Please be advised that completing minimum requirements and applying to the program does not guarantee admission.