Dental Hygiene

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Dental Hygiene Curriculum Change

Information to Applicants about the Addition of the Restorative Curriculum

In May of 2007, the Oregon Board of Dentistry approved Restorative Functions for Dental Hygienists. Following an approved curriculum in restorative dentistry, a dental hygienist is allowed to place amalgam and composite restorations (fillings) in teeth that have first been prepared by a dentist.

Applicants chosen for the class beginning September 2011 will be enrolling in the program, which has the 13 credit hours of restorative dentistry for dental hygienists embedded in the two year curriculum. Enrollment during summer term between the first and second year will be required.

Estimated increased costs associated with the restorative curriculum (as of 1/2011):
Tuition and Fees: $1440 (this is estimated and may change)
Instruments and Supplies: $1,008
Textbook: $135
Certification Examination: $500
Total: $3083

To read about the total estimated costs for the Dental Hygiene program, visit the Program Costs page.

Information to Applicants about the Additional Prerequisites

Beginning with the 2014 applications, the following courses have been added as prerequisites and must be completed prior to application:

  • Psychology elective (recommended PSY 101)
  • Communications elective (recommended COMM 111)
  • Sociology elective (recommended SOC 204)

To view the full list of Dental Hygiene Application Prerequisites, see the Advising Guide.