Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Dental Hygiene AAS Degree Outcomes

  1. Communicate effectively with patients, peers, the public and other healthcare professionals using verbal, non-verbal and written language with clarity, coherence and purpose.

  2. Apply scientific research methods to support evidence based treatment modalities with specific concern for oral health and overall health.

  3. Identify problems, investigate and use appropriate methods of reasoning, and develop creative and practical solutions to personal, professional and community issues regarding the delivery of oral health care.

  4. Understand and identify personal and public over generalizations and stereotyping and how these attitudes affect oral health beliefs and issues that arise from differences, while providing appropriate and effective care to diverse client populations in an increasing global marketplace.

  5. Competently assess, plan, implement and evaluate individual and/or community needs related to oral disease prevention and therapy in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

  6. Enhance knowledge as a life-long learner in healthcare by seeking peer support in professional associations, fulfilling continuing education and exploring career and educational advancements.

  7. Advocate for oral health and overall health for patients/communities by linking them with the appropriate resources and human services for individual needs and practice ethically within the scope of practice for dental hygienists as regulated by the State Dental Licensing Board.

  8. Fulfill characteristics of a desired employee by demonstrating skills, teamwork, collaboration, respect, efficiency, and customer/patient service.

  9. Examine and self assess one’s own academic skill, professional competence and personal beliefs as they impact self and others to grow personally and professionally.