Dental Assisting

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Program Admission

MP 111 course

Beginning the 2017/18 academic year, PCC's MP 111 course is an application prerequisite.

Selection Criteria

The Dental Assisting program is a closed program with limited enrollment of 45 students each year. If more than 45 qualified students apply to the program, the incoming class will be selected by lottery. Only applicants who are complete with prerequisite and job shadowing requirements by the end of winter term prior to the application deadline will be eligible for the lottery. See the catalog for specific program requirements.

To be eligible to apply to the Dental Assisting program students must complete the following college-level prerequisites with a grade C or better.

Dental assisting students looking at x-rays
  • Math 20 or equivalent placement score
  • Writing 115 or higher, or placement into Writing 121
  • Health or nutrition elective. Course must include a nutrition component. (Recommended classes: HE 250, HPE 295 and PE295, or FN 225)
  • Psychology elective (Recommended class: PSY 101)
  • MP 111 Medical Terminology course from PCC or successful completion of the MP 111 competency exam *
  • 12 hours job shadowing of a Dental Assistant in a Dental office or clinic

* The MP 111 competency exam is only available to students who have successfully completed Medical Terminology at another institution. The MP 111 competency test is based on the following textbook, chapters 1-17: Medical Language: Immerse Yourself, Third Edition, Susan Turley, Pub: Prentice Hall, copyright 2011. Note: As of Fall 2017, the MP 111 course at PCC uses the 4th edition of the textbook. Contact the Health Admissions Office for additional information.

Please be advised that completing minimum requirements and applying to the program does not guarantee admission.

Application Process

Applications for Fall 2018 will be posted October 2017 and can be submitted immediately. We do not accept applications earlier than October 1. If we receive more than 45 complete applications for the Dental Assisting program, students will be selected by lottery. Only students who have completed their program requirements by the end of winter term will be considered for the lottery. Students in progress with prerequisites past winter term may apply but will not be guaranteed consideration. All application materials must be hand delivered or mailed to the Health Admissions Office by April 16, 2018. We do not accept faxed, emailed, or scanned application materials.

To be considered for the Dental Assisting Program, please submit the following:

  • The 2018 Dental Assisting program application
  • Documentation of 12 hours job shadowing a Dental Assistant in a Dentist's office or clinic on letterhead, signed by the dentist
  • Compass writing and math test scores from colleges other than PCC, if you have not taken a college level writing or math course
  • Official college transcripts showing a minimum 2.0 GPA and reflecting completion of WR 115 or higher, MTH 10 or higher, approved college-level health or nutrition course ( HE 250, HPE 295, or FN 225), Medical Terminology (MP 111), and a psychology elective. You do not need to supply official copies of your PCC transcript. If your college GPA is below 2.0, you must submit official high school transcripts or a copy of your GED with scores.
  • Official copies of high school transcripts or GED scores, if college GPA is less than 2.0.

Program Regulations

You will be required to wear protective gear and clothing during all laboratory procedures that produce airborne particulate matter or expose you to patients during dental procedures.


Although not required for admission, it is highly recommended that students are familiar with computers.

The program requires a full-time commitment for nine months. It is also necessary to have financial arrangements in place the summer before starting the program in order to purchase supplies for the year. Accepted students will be informed of supply costs.