Computer Information Systems

Campus Resources

CIS student

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) department invites you to take advantage of the resources provided for CIS students:

Academic Advising
It is recommended that all CIS students meet with the CIS advisor to create an academic plan no later than their second term. ​Some CIS classes are only offered certain terms of the year, so planning is essential. The best time to meet with the CIS advisor is 2 to 4 weeks before registration opens up for the next term. The CIS advisor can also help with Financial Aid Time Frame Extensions, Learning Contracts, and campus referrals. The CIS program is located at the Sylvania campus and the advisor is Michele Maxwell: She offers CIS Information Sessions for students new to PCC and new to IT. She also maintains a computer technology advising website at

Ava Stevens is the Employment Specialist for the Computer Information Systems department. She assists CIS students with co-operative education credits or internships as well as with job searching upon graduation. Please visit her website at for more information.

Computer Labs

Computer Resource Centers (CRCs) are located at all four campuses: Sylvania, Cascade, Rock Creek, and Southeast. Students must complete a short online orientation in order to use the lab and upon completion, a username and I.D. will be assigned. Labs are equipped with up-to-date computers and software so that you may do your homework at school.

CIS Tutoring Assistance
CIS students are also invited to use the Sylvania CIS/CS lab in TCB 308 in order to do homework and/or receive tutoring assistance in CIS and CS coursework. See for open lab hours and tutor availability.