Virtual Specialist

Student Testimonials

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Thanks for all your help this term. I've enjoyed learning about this industry and it is a good possible fit for me in my life. Candi, Fall 2010

Thank you so much Kristy! I have learned a lot from you in this class. Michael, Fall 2010

Thank you very much for running this class! I learned a lot of stuff that I am already using. I really appreciate it! Alicia, Fall 2010

It has been a very good class. I learned a lot. I just wanted to say that I had already downloaded the "How to Generate Leads on Linked In" and it works great. I am helping a friend who is starting up an online financial services business and using techniques in the book and they seem to work quite well. Gary, Fall 2011

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I want to thank you. You are an awesome instructor that gives great feedback and provides understandable explanations and help. I love that you did not make me wait for what seems like forever for a grade. Love that!!! :) April, Fall 2011

Fortunately, I was given Kristy Schnabel for my instructor in “Creating a Virtual Office,” OS 250, my first on line learning experience at Portland Community College. Lucky, because Kristy is a one of kind instructor who nurtures her students but doesn’t back down. Don’t get me wrong. Her class requires intense reading, network searches, ingenuity and much thought to put all of the steps together to prepare a workable business plan for your virtual business. But, she is there along with you challenging your skills and offering guiding comments to help you be successful. Karen, Fall 2010

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I have SOOOOOO appreciated this class: it has been so helpful and informative. I hope I meet more people like yourself until I can get my business established. I then would like to help others to be successful. Judy, Winter 2012

Thanks again for your encouragement, ideas, and support! There has been a lot to think about, but the more I learn the more I realize how invaluable this class has been. I'm so glad I took it (again!)! You've really covered all the bases, thank you so much. I don't even want to imagine how long it would have taken me to figure these things out on my own. Jennifer, Spring 2012

Thank you for your support during this class. It has been wonderful to have all of your feedback. And this has been the best online class I have ever taken. I really feel like I have something I can move forward with. Jennifer, Spring 2012