Computer Applications and Web Technologies

Career Pathway Certificate: Administrative Assistant: Computer Software Fundamentals

  • Do you need to build your computer skills to increase your career options and college success?
  • Interested in working in an office?
  • Computer skills are associated with the highest salaries, among all major occupational groups. Increase your opportunities today!

The Computer Software certificate prepares you to work as an Office or Administrative support professional, and builds critical computer skills that transfer to many jobs, in many industries.


The average wage for Office and Administrative Assistants ranges from $32,000-37,000/year. Entry level wages are typically $11-14/hour.

Finish Your Degree

The Computer Software Fundamentals Career Pathway Certificate leads to additional certificates and degrees. Continue your education to give yourself more job opportunities and career advancement.

Is it for me?

GED and High School graduates. Type by touch. Placement into Math 20 and Writing 115. If you do not meet all the placement recommendations, contact us for other options.
PCC Cascade, Rock Creek, Southeast, or Sylvania
One or two terms. An internship during or after course completion is strongly recommended to increase job options.

Program Cost

Use the cost calculator to see estimated costs. For more detailed cost sheet contact Laurie Chadwick.

What's Next?

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  2. Plan how you'll pay for college
  3. Contact Laurie Chadwick for help with scheduling, becoming a student, and mapping out your education and career path
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